How much do IT pros like their jobs? It depends on where they work

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diving letter:

  • According to SolarWinds data shared with CIO Dive, two-thirds of IT professionals are confident in their career choice as macroeconomic conditions worsen. For the study, the company surveyed 255 IT experts via its community portal.
  • However, an IT professional’s workplace can define how they feel on a day-to-day basis. According to the report, half of the workers surveyed felt they had taken on two jobs in the last two years. The other half said they felt their company had enough staff.
  • There is also a discrepancy in how IT professionals are paid. Three out of ten respondents stated that they were not paid fairly. According to the report, only 4% said they were overpaid.
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Dive insight:

Tuesday September 20 marks the seventh yearbook IT Pro Daya celebration created by SolarWinds in 2015 to recognize the IT professionals who keep businesses running.

Effective leaders know they are only as good as the people they work with. Not surprisingly, companies have made efforts to attract qualified IT professionals to their ranks.

In today’s business environment, the script has turned – IT professionals are essential to getting the job done in any department and can provide key insights that drive business benefits, such as: For example, speeding up a legal team’s procurement process or improving customer interactions for a sales team.” Prasad Ramakrishnan, SVP of IT and CIO at Freshworks, in an email.

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According to a, the tech industry added 175,700 new jobs this year, up 46% from last year CompTIA review from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As companies hire new tech workers, the employee experience has come to the fore — tech workers have made it clear that they can switch jobs if they choose.

Executives should regularly seek feedback from their IT teams, both on their own experience with the software and that of others across the organization.” said Ramakrishnan. “IT professionals have a bird’s-eye view of a company’s departments and know first-hand which software is effective and gaining popularity, and which is not being used.”

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Out of Increase in wages for flexibility, organizations have learned the hard way that they have to put in a lot of work to retain IT professionals who have a plethora of options. However, it’s clear that overall IT professionals still have issues they want to solve, including adequate staffing.

“This is a particular challenge for IT teams as not only do they feel understaffed, but they are also expected to do more with less as network environments become more complicated,” said Thomas LaRock, Head Geek of Solar Winds. “Remote work, hybrid and multi-cloud environments have made it extremely difficult to keep networks – and businesses – running smoothly, but these IT pros show up every day to get the job done.”

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