How many World Series have the Astros won? History of Houston’s Fall Classic appearances

For the sixth year in a row, the Houston Astros are traveling to the ALCS. They want to punch a ticket for their fourth World Series in six years and their first consecutive trip.

What the Astros are doing right now is indeed special. They trail only the Braves from 1991-1999 in back-to-back LCS appearances (that team made it eight times, a streak broken only by the 1994 strike). However, they only have one World Series title to their name and that is the ultimate goal. They’ve made it three times in this series and a total of four times.

The name of the game for these Astros? Continuity.

Despite the firing of AJ Hinch following the exposure of the 2017 cheating scandal, Dusty Baker has retained some of the key players in that run. Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Justin Verlander and Ryan Pressly are just a few of the longtime players still on this roster, and they’re looking to add to the Astros’ trophy case.

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Standing in their way are the Yankees and the Padres vs. Phillies winner. Can the Astros win another title? Here’s a look at their story as they try to make a run.

Did the Astros win the World Series?

The Astros have won a World Series, but it’s fraught with controversy.

Houston won the 2017 World Series over the Dodgers, a title that has drawn criticism for the pitch-stealing operation that has since been exposed. As a result of the scandal, which involved hitting trash cans to tip pitches, manager AJ Hinch was fired from the team after a year’s suspension, while general manager Jeff Luhnow was also suspended for a season.

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The Astros beat the Dodgers in seven games and George Springer (now with the Blue Jays) was named World Series MVP. Jose Altuve won the 2017 regular-season MVP award.

They have since played against the Nationals and the Braves in the World Series. You lost those two gigs.

When was the last time Astros made it to the World Series?

The Astros are the defending AL pennant winners after making it against the Braves last season.

The Braves ended their historic postseason with a six-game win over the Astros, where Jorge Soler was named MVP. The Astros went through a lot of wash to get there, beating the White Sox in the ALDS and the Red Sox in the ALCS.

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Houston did well in 2019, where they lost to a team similar to the 2021 Braves: The 2019 Nationals. Washington won the Dusty Bowl a year before Baker managed the Astros.

If the Astros make it this year, it would be the first time in franchise history they’ve made it in consecutive seasons.

Astros World Series appearances

The Astros have made four World Series appearances and are 1-3 in those appearances. Their only win is in 2017, and they have losses in 2005 (as a National League team), 2019 and 2021.

date Opponent result MVP
2005 White socks White Socks (4-0) Jermaine dye
2017 dodgers Astros (4-3) George Springer
2019 nationals Nationals (4-3) Stephen Strasbourg
2021 brave Brave (4-2) Joerg Soler


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