How I Organized My Entire House Using Dollar Tree Items

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Could the Dollar Tree be the key to organizing your space?

Important points

  • The Dollar Tree sells many storage containers, and I use them to organize my house.
  • Buying these items from a dollar store helped me save money and get my house in shape.

Despite my best efforts, I have accumulated a lot of clutter in my house in the more than a decade since I got a mortgage and moved in. And the amount of stuff I have has only multiplied exponentially as I’ve added kids to my family.

The good news is that Dollar Tree offers a huge selection of organizers for just $1.25 or less. By using these dollar store products I have been able to get my entire house in good shape so I know where everything is. And as a bonus, I was able to spend a fraction of what I would have spent buying organizers elsewhere. I did it that way.

1. I made an inventory of the items that needed organizing

My first step was to figure out what I needed to organize. These included mainly toys, children’s clothing, electrical cables and kitchen items. I also needed to organize my seasonal decorating and craft supplies.

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I made a big master list of all the things I needed to find space for so I could find the right containers for each job. This helped me prepare for organizing my stuff, but it also kept me from buying storage bins I wouldn’t need.

2. I measured the closet and closet space in my house

I wanted to make sure my storage was out of sight to avoid visual clutter. As a result, I measured the closet and closet space I had available for Dollar Tree storage bins. Since they have such a wide selection, I wanted to make sure I was selecting baskets, containers, and packing cubes that would fit my space perfectly.

3. I have customized the containers to suit my items and space

Next, I visited the Dollar Tree and invited a whole range of products. For example, my local Dollar Tree had large round baskets. These were perfect for organizing toys and seasonal decor items. I now have a basket for Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Summer decorations. These baskets are lined up and labeled perfectly on a shelf in my basement so I can easily reach for each one when I need to make a decor change. And the best part is that I didn’t have to empty my bank account to get a wide range of bins.

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My local store also had packing cubes. These were great for organizing kids clothes. I keep little packing cubes in my kids’ drawers to separate onesie from onesie and socks from underwear. I also have large packing cubes that I can use to store other clothes of different sizes. For example, my son wears 2T clothes, but I have a packing cube with 3T and 4T clothes under my bed that I can pull out when he grows to the next size. Not only does this save space around my house, but I also save money thanks to the Dollar Shop deals.

The Dollar Tree also has cord organizers which I love. I was able to wrap all my many cords and wires in their organizers and pockets so I can keep them labeled and sorted.

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These containers have solved my biggest home organization problems, so my space is now tidier than it has been in years. I also bought some spare bins so I’ll be ready when new clutter comes into my house. Since they cost about $1 each, it was easy to do, and it didn’t hurt my personal finances that much. Also, I’ll never have to let my house get disorganized ever again.

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