After flouting the code despite the violation of education workers, this substandard hospital contract is another reminder of Premier Ford’s unconstitutional attack on working families and calls for Prime Minister Trudeau will defend the Canadian Charter.

RICHMOND HILL, NY, November 6, 2022 /CNW/ – SEIU Healthcare, after negotiations with the Ontario Hospital Association last year, received an arbitrator’s decision this past Friday afternoon that hospital members, and CUPE’s Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU), is limited to 1% salary for the next two years of the contract.

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Hospital workers protest against House Bill 124 (CNW Group/SEIU Healthcare)

Hospital workers protest against House Bill 124 (CNW Group/SEIU Healthcare)

“The result of the 1% wage cap will only worsen the understaffing crisis in hospitals and the result of Bill 124, the anti-unconstitutional labor law passed by the majority government. him. Sharleen Stewart, president of SEIU Healthcare. “As education workers react to Ford’s latest attack on Charter Rights, this cruel pay cut for hospital workers is another reminder Doug Ford an unconstitutional attack on working families.”

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Widespread hospital closures continue Ontario because the provincial government is unable to retain frontline workers including personal support workers, paramedics, registered nurses, registered nurses, respiratory therapists and medical assistants the food. As hospitals report record job vacancies and patient wait times, inflation rose 8.1% in June.

SEIU Healthcare will continue to stand up for workers’ rights and is confident our court challenge will result in the repeal of Bill 124.

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The union is also calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to use section 90 of the Constitution Act which authorizes the disallowance of Bill 28: Premier Ford’s use of the clause despite the denial of the right of workers to freely contract.

“The Charter of Rights and Freedoms cannot be a mere proposition if our rights rot, so we call on Prime Minister Trudeau to use his federal powers to protect the rights of all workers.”

Canadian Healthcare Association (CNW Group/SEIU Healthcare)

Canadian Healthcare Association (CNW Group/SEIU Healthcare)

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