Hoosier Chapter Books Hires 4 New Writers

Hoosier Chapter Books, a group of ex-journalists dedicated to promoting literature among children, has hired four new writers to encourage reluctant readers.

Paul Bellow, editor of Hoosier Chapter Books, has hired three new writers. In addition to Kenny Kings, the up-and-coming publisher will present works by Ezra O’Henry, Kathy Stone, Esther Williams and Heidi Jiang.

Hoosier Chapter Books is an attempt by a group of ex-journalists to promote children’s literature – even so-called reluctant readers. Though new, the staff hope to reach new heights in 2023 and beyond. The publishing house Bellow is happy about growth.

“I’ve wanted to expand Hoosier Chapter Books for a while and the time seems right to pick up some talented ex-journalists looking for work. The team we put together has worked hard to produce books for release in 2023 and beyond.”

Until then, the new writers will help to write informative, friendly and fun content on the site. Kenny Kings has already released a few chapter books on Amazon and has more in the works.

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“Next year looks great for small publishers,” Kings said. “We will focus on expanding our reach and building a community of readers. It’s exciting to be on the ground floor with a publisher we like.”

Hoosier Chapter Books has an important mission – to promote literature for children, especially reluctant readers. The approach so far has been simple: focus on reader-friendly content, let the writers do the more complex work, and the kids will have a blast. It’s only been a few months, but it seems to be working.

“It really helps to be able to focus on the real author on the site and let them do what they do best. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Esther Williams, a former freelance writer who experienced a major career change working with Hoosier Chapter Books.

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“It was different working with the Hoosier Chapter Books family,” Williams continued. “I’m used to working independently and doing the best job I can. But the team was great at giving everyone a fair chance, and I’m learning some great tips on how to communicate with readers.”

Although still a small business, Hoosier Chapter Books is growing rapidly and appears to be on the right track to success. The new team is enthusiastic and eager to grow with the company.

“Author’s time is valuable, and as a small company it can be difficult to get him to contribute. Hoosier Chapter Books has allowed us to focus on the real author and what he does best,” said editor Paul Bellow. “The friendly approach has been a real success and we hope to represent our writers well as we continue to expand.”

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As they await the release of the new chapter books in 2023, interested parents are invited to check out all the great family-focused content on the site. You’ll find a wealth of useful suggestions, interviews, toy reviews and information that aspiring parents and children of all ages can take advantage of.

About Hoosier Chapter Books

Inspiring children to read … even those who don’t read!

Hoosier Chapter Books publishes books that both children and parents enjoy. The company focuses on family-friendly content alongside fiction and inspirational works. The small family business is still in its infancy, but the team behind it is looking to the future with enthusiasm. They believe that both readers and writers have a role to play in a healthy community.

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