Hollard X academia mentors UENR students

Students at the University of Energy and Natural Resources have been urged to think entrepreneurially rather than pursue non-existent white jobs after school.

Hollard Insurance chief executive Nashiru Iddrisu also said students need to choose their mentors wisely and be careful about what they spend money on.

He also urged them to think about solving the many problems facing society while creating jobs and stimulating their growth.

Hollard X academia serves UENR students
Nashiru Iddrisu during a session with some students

Mr. Iddissu spoke at a Hollard X Academia mentoring session at UENR organized by Hollard Insurance.

The second-year session was designed to prepare students for life after school. The motto was “A better future, fit for the world of work”.

At the event, part of an existing partnership with the university, a number of senior Hollard leaders interacted and shared important life and business experiences with the students as they prepare for life after school.

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Mr. Idrissu explained that their purpose as an organization is to enable more people to have a brighter future, after which they can think about business and insurance.

Hollard X academia serves UENR students

“The whole idea is to break down the world of work so that people realize that certain basic skills are required before getting a job in order to reduce the unemployment rate,” Mr Iddrissu said.

He noted the lack of confidence, the “I don’t need a mentor, attitude” and not being mentored by the right person as some of the challenges.

“To choose a mentor, you have to see something in that mentor that attracts you – their business, their intellect, their communication, their dedication, their skills and others. You do not choose mentors because they are older than you, as some elders even need mentoring”.

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Hollard Insurance plans to mentor other students at various institutions before the end of the year.

Hollard General Business chief executive Daniel Boi Addo said it’s important to explain to students this age why they need an entrepreneurial mindset that could help them achieve a better future.

Hollard X academia serves UENR students
Managing Director, Hollard General Business, Daniel Boi Addo

However, he realized that the entrepreneurial mindset cannot be created in a day.

The director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at UENR, Reginald Djimatey, urged students to make planning a habit or else they risk becoming frustrated in the future.

“You can start doing something now. You don’t have to wait to get something big that may never come. Before you realize that if you don’t cultivate the habit of saving and planning, you’ll age and get frustrated in life,” he said.

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The students thanked Hollard for the opportunity and hoped the impact of the session would manifest in their lives.

Hollard X academia serves UENR students
Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation at UENR, Reginald Djimatey

Michael Frimpong, a student attendee, said so far he’s only focused on getting good grades, but the session taught him how to prepare for life after school as an entrepreneur.

A Level 100 student, Elsie Otuo Acheampong, said after failing in a previous business, the mentoring session left her feeling empowered and motivated to start saving and building her dream business while she was still in school.

Hollard, which has been operating in Ghana for over two decades, has two subsidiaries – a general insurance company and a life insurance company – with the aim of empowering more people to create and secure a better future.

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