Holiday Shopping in October? Here’s Why It Makes Sense This Year

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Perhaps you’d like to do some of your holiday shopping as soon as possible.

Important points

  • Many consumers are waiting for big shopping events to buy Christmas gifts.
  • This year it pays to start earlier.
  • Supply chains are still not back to pre-pandemic shape, and if you shop earlier, you’ll find stores are less crowded.

There are certain things you might want to cross off your list in October. If your company’s open enrollment period has started, this may be the month when you need to select your benefits, e.g. B. Health insurance. You might also have to take care of things like doctor appointments you’ve postponed and home repairs you want to tackle before the cold weather hits.

And let’s not forget Halloween. These trick-or-treaters will be at your door before you know it, so it pays to stock up on candy sooner rather than later. (Pro tip: Buying candy in bulk from a store like Costco can result in a much lower credit card bill.)

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Now one thing that may Not Christmas shopping is on your to-do list for October. For one thing, you still have two months to shop for Christmas gifts for the important people in your life. Also, you may be waiting for a big sales event like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

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But this year it’s worth doing at least some of your Christmas shopping in October. Here’s why.

1. Supply chains are not fully caught up

Last year, holiday shoppers who waited to shop learned the hard way that supply chain shortages were affecting inventory levels at popular retailers. This year we are better positioned in that regard, but some supply chains are still struggling to keep up with consumer demand. So if there are specific items on your gift list that you want to check off, you might want to do your shopping soon — before more people flock to the stores and buy the items you need.

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2. The offers may not be as extensive

It’s common for retailers to offer discounts on products during events like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. But many retailers have seen their margins shrink due to rising inflation. As such, the deals they offer might not be much to write home about. And if you start your holiday shopping in October, you’ll have the opportunity to do more comparison shopping and potentially get better deals.

3. Shops will be less crowded

If you’re the online shopping type, you don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds when the holiday shopping boom really kicks off. But if your favorite shopping method is to visit stores and look at different items in person, then going in October could be to your advantage. That way, you’re less likely to face long checkout lines and full stores.

Don’t wait to shop

The more holiday shopping you do in October, the less you have to worry as the holidays themselves are fast approaching. So make a list of the items you need and start checking them off one by one. At the same time, make sure you set a budget for your Christmas shopping. Getting started early is a great thing, but you should also make sure you don’t overdo it as your spending progresses.

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