Here’s How the Virgin River Story Ends in the Books

Robyn Carr’s acclaimed novels may have had the adaptation they deserved in 2019. Sharing the same name as the novels, Netflix’s Virgin River follows Mel Monroe, a nurse who travels to the town of Virgin River to start anew.

Of course it’s not that easy, otherwise they wouldn’t have made a show out of it. Nonetheless, the series has romance and drama in equal measure, making it the first series to watch with your S/O.

If you’re one of those who are just getting into the fandom or have been with it from the beginning, you might recognize some of the faces. Virgin River has a star cast and you may be surprised who is starring in the show.

The protagonist Mel Monroe is played by Alexandra Breckenridge. The name would no doubt be recognized by fans of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. She also lends her voice to various characters in the comedy series Family Guy. If you’ve been wondering where you’ve heard her voice before, you might now know.

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Still young, she has an impressive resume that ranges from comedy to action to horror. Not bad for an actress who started out with supporting roles in comedies like She’s the Man and Big Fat Liar.

That’s not all. Martin Henderson plays Jack Sheridan, Mel’s love interest and all-round heartthrob. The New Zealand actor has graced many TV screens on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Off the Map. Both are medical dramas, but his big break came with his role as Stuart Neilson on a local soap opera, Shortland Street.

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The undeniable chemistry between Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge is so strong on screen that many Virgin River fans can’t help but wonder if these two are romantically involved in real life. But now it’s like this: although Alexandra and Martin have a good relationship, they don’t actually date each other.

You may be wondering if this is how the Virgin River books end. Is the pair drifting off like the actors did? Well, to find out more about this intriguing romance, you’ll have to delve deep into spoiler territory.

The following paragraphs spoil the ending of the Virgin River books and possibly the TV show

The books deviate somewhat from the show, as is usual with adaptations. However, in the books, Mel and Jack end up together. In fact, the couple has two children together — a son named David and a daughter named Emma.

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Their relationship is ongoing at the time of writing so we hope to see them together for a long time to come. If you were one of those people who was devastated that the real-life actors weren’t dating, maybe this is the consolation you needed.

The show recently concluded its fourth season and was renewed for a fifth. Fans are excited to see the characters they love return to the big screen, played by actors they know. Keep an eye out for teasers from leaks.

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