Greenville mayor announces IRS jobs coming to his city | Mississippi Politics and News

“This federal commitment to small communities builds on historic Biden-Harris investments in infrastructure and jobs,” Simmons said.

Tuesday Mayor Eric Simmons (D) announced that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is bringing jobs to Greenville.

“Interested applicants can apply for these jobs, which cost between $36,000 and $94,000. Interested applicants can apply to USAJOBS.GOV,” the City of Greenville said on its Facebook page.

Mayor Simmons thanked the Biden-Harris administration Congressman Bennie Thompson (D)the IRS Commissioner and other federal partners for their continued investment in Greenville.

“This federal engagement in small communities builds on historic Biden-Harris investments in infrastructure and jobs. A big thank you to our local, regional and state partners, South Delta Planning and Development District and Mississippi Department of Human Services,” Simmons continued.

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The news comes after Congressman Thompson, along with IRS Commissioner Charles Retting, visited Clarksdale last week, where they announced an expansion of the IRS office there. Thompson has said this is part of the IRS’ commitment to its Uplifting the Delta initiative.”


IRS Commissioner Rettig said that a particular focus of the IRS is improving services and employment in underrepresented communities.

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“This new effort in Mississippi is intended to help people in the community as well as taxpayers who need help with collections issues,” Rettig said. “We are proud to be working closely with federal, state and local officials on the launch of this new website, and we appreciate their significant assistance in raising awareness of this important effort.”

However, this is not welcome news for everyone. According to a 2019 ProPublica article, the Mississippi Delta is among the areas with the highest rates of citizen screening in the country, with neighboring Humphreys County leading the way.

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Uncertainty as to whether this focus is for valid reasons to protect taxpayers or to further Democrats’ political spending agenda is why average Americans and congressional Republicans are ignoring the agency’s massive beefing up after recent federal legislation that funded 87,000 more IRS jobs. be skeptical about.

For Mississippi citizens, the increase in IRS agents could mean even more scrutiny across the board, regardless of where you live or what your income is.

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