GreenRock Wealth Management Announces Free Professional Level Financial Planning Portal

Free technology helps consumers understand their financial goals and progress by providing easy-to-use financial tools with professional-grade power and professional advice

BIG QUICKS, Mich., October 24, 2022 / PRNewswire / – GreenRock Wealth Management, a full-service wealth management consultant, has launched DIY Money Advisor, a website that provides free access to the eMoney financial portal and personal financial website.

Most families and individuals recognize the value and importance of having a financial plan, however, the fees and time required to complete it often act as obstacles. GreenRock’s do-it-yourself financial advisory service is fast, easy, and free.

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Nearly three in five Americans are worried that they don’t have enough retirement money.

“GreenRock Wealth Management aims to help one million people reach their financial goals. Making the process simple and free is an exciting step to make it happen,” he said. Justin Hales, President of GreenRock. “It’s hard to get on track when you don’t know where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. This solution will help people gain the clarity and control they need to work towards their financial goals.”

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Open to anyone who lives there the United StatesYou can access the service by going to and providing your name, email address and telephone number.

Subscribers will also have access to helpful tips on using the software, personal financial strategies, and instructions on how to take advantage of a free professional plan review.

“GreenRock is proud to make this exceptional tool accessible to all,” said Hales. “The DIY movement has created a whole new opportunity for investors of all ages wallets of all sizes. Whether you are new to investing or have done so for decades, this portal offers clarity, education and opportunity. “

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To learn more about GreenRock Wealth Management services, investors can visit their website

Information on GreenRock Wealth Management

GreenRock Wealth Management is a registered investment advisor serving investors throughout the United States and is based in Grand Rapids, MI. Justin Halesthe current President, founded the company in 2015.



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