Granby approves liquor license for ax throwing business

The Troublesome Tomahawks and High Mountain Firearms sign is located on top of the Agate Avenue building.
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Granby’s Board of Trustees held four separate meetings on Tuesday, 13 December, the first of which was the Granby Liquor Licensing Authority meeting. There were two items on the agenda – the first approved the minutes of the June 22, 2021 meeting, and the second approved a beer and wine liquor license for the Troublesome Tomahawks.

Troublesome Tomahawks shares a commercial location with High Mountain Firearms and Columbine Massage LLC. Seth Stern owns the ax throwing and firearms business and spoke to the board at Monday’s meeting.

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The combination of a firearms store and liquor distributor raised a concern for the Granby Police Department in its review of a liquor permit application. The department had recommended conditions for the permitIncluding that alcohol should not be sold when a firearms shop is open and that an ax throwing business should not be open alongside a firearms shop.

Stern took issue with the requirement that he be prohibited from operating two businesses at the same time. He told the board that since starting the business earlier this year, business hours have overlapped without any problems and that he does not plan to sell alcohol any longer when Troublesome Tomahawk is open.

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Town Attorney Nathan Krobb said that city staff thought that, based on Stern’s application, he wanted to sell alcohol any time the ax-throwing business was open, which is why the police department recommended the stipulation that Businesses should not be allowed to operate at the same time.

“I think if we can reduce the hours (of alcohol sales), the staff can more comfortably recommend (approve),” Krobb said.

Stern also asked the board if he could get exceptions to the conditions for special events, such as if a group wanted to have an ax-throwing party and buy alcohol ahead of time before its permit would normally sell it. will allow. Members discussed the idea but ultimately declined the request due to public safety and enforcement concerns.

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The board approved the permit with most of the police department’s recommended conditions, except one that would prohibit customers at any business from carrying their own weapons into the store and one that would allow Stern’s businesses to open at the same time. I would have been prevented from being open. The board stipulated that Stern could not sell alcohol before 6:00 pm on weekdays and 4:00 pm on weekends.

Approval from the state will also be required before Troublesome Tomahawks can issue a liquor license.

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