Govt warns against ‘fake’ jobs in Thailand, Myanmar. All you need to know

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) issued an alert on Saturday September 24 warning hopeful youth and candidates about “fake job thugs with lucrative jobs”.

The recommendation comes days after the MEA said 60 Indian nationals had been duped by an international thug into promising jobs in Thailand only to send unsuspecting candidates illegally to Myanmar.

Everything you need to know about it

Fake Job Scam: Job Description

An international thug has offered the position of Digital Sales and Marketing Executive in Thailand. The job was offered by dubious IT companies involved in call center scams and cryptocurrency scams.

The IT skilled youth of India have been offered lucrative data entry jobs in Thailand via social media ads as well as agents based in Dubai and India.


The MEA informed that the people would not be taken to Myanmar but to Myanmar. They were held captive in harsh working conditions and held in the Myawaddy area. In particular, Myawaddy does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Myanmar government, which is currently run by the military junta.

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The MEA said ethnic armed groups are in power and Indians are being held by them along with several other foreign citizens.

60 Indians tricked, held hostage

The Foreign Ministry said the Embassy of India is working with the Government of Myanmar to rescue the Indian citizen who is being held hostage along with the ethnic groups.

“There are other efforts to rescue these Indian citizens through various contacts in the business community. So far the embassy has rescued over 30 Indian citizens trapped in the Myawaddy area and is continuing all efforts to get the others out as early as possible,” MEA officials who were aware of the situation had informed the news outlet ANI on 09/18

The MEA also said there had been an increase in such bogus jobs being offered to Native Americans.

MEA advice

The Foreign Ministry warned young people about bogus jobs on Saturday. The guide states: “Indian nationals are advised not to be implicated in such fake job advertisements that are being circulated through social media platforms or other sources. Before traveling on Tourist/Visitor Visa for employment purposes, Indian nationals are advised to check/verify foreign employer credentials through relevant diplomatic missions abroad and record/check history of recruiters and all companies before accepting any job offer.

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Bogus jobs in India

The two-year lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic left many unemployed, some victims of cost-cutting, some victims of closed organizations. Various reports suggest that police officers have seen a rise in job fraud following the pandemic.

For India, large numbers of people depend on daily labor to survive and the ongoing demands of an expanding middle class, the pressure for growth remains immense.

To understand this, one must note that India is rigid and highly competitive. With a growing population and top universities setting absurdly high entry requirements, candidates who make it must be promised jobs every year that the country consistently falls short. There’s no guarantee that going to the top university will get you a job, and even if you do snag a job profitably, there’s always a swarm of seekers lurking in the background.

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In this country, it is an easy crime to target skilled youth who abound.

Unemployment in India

India’s unemployment rate rose to an annual high of 8.3 percent in August as jobs fell sequentially by 2 million to 394.6 million, according to data from the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE). The unemployment rate was 6.8 percent and the number of employed was 397 million in July.

The unemployment rate in rural India rose to 7.7 percent in August from 6.1 percent in July. More importantly, the employment rate fell from 37.6 percent to 37.3 percent.

“The urban unemployment rate is typically higher at around 8 percent than the rural unemployment rate, which is typically around 7 percent. In August, the urban unemployment rate rose to 9.6 percent and the rural unemployment rate also rose to 7.7 percent. ‘ said CMIE Managing Director Mahesh Vyas.

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