Global Strategists Association celebrates 9 Years by shining light on Black Entrepreneurs who are fostering a global city 

Patrick SK Woodtor receives the 2022 Global Leader Award for his global footprint in Chicago

The Global Strategists Association celebrates nine years of global engagement in the Chicagoland area. The event will be held on October 13 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Hatch 41, 4131 S. State St, Chicago, IL, with the theme “Black & Global: Rewriting the Global Footprint of Chicago.”

The event will feature an in-depth panel discussion of future global leaders focused on entrepreneurship, consisting of Mariam Huss, Founder of Axxum Consulting, Consuela Hendricks, Co-Founder/Co-President of People Matter, and Boyede Sobitan, CEO/Co-Founder of OjaExpress. The highlight of the evening are two special prizes. Reginaldo Montague will receive the 2022 Global Champion Award for his work with the Global Strategists Association over a seven-year period. Patrick SK Woodtor, Founder, President and CEO of the non-profit organization Africa International House USA, Inc. and Executive Producer of the Annual African Festival of the Arts (AFA), will also receive the 2022 Global Leader Award for his lifetime contributions to Chicago.

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GSA organization

Since 2013, the organization has sought to increase the global engagement of Chicago’s black community. We promote global citizenship, prepare people for global leadership and encourage global entrepreneurship. The Global Strategists Association (GSA) strives to change the face of global affairs by curating more inclusive programs. The GSA has four core areas.

  • Global exchange: The GSA strives to build relationships in the African diaspora to engage in the global community, foster empathy and promote cultural sensitivity.
  • Global business: GSA introduces Black business leaders to new international markets and capital, and curates spaces that initiate and strengthen partnerships and entrepreneurial activity.
  • Global education and advocacy: GSA organizes educational experiences aimed at educating the local community on current geopolitical issues while facilitating dialogue for the purpose of cultural and inclusive awareness.
  • Global Diplomacy (Racial Justice): The GSA advocates racial and gender justice in the development of global affairs and serves as a public accountability tool for international institutions.

“When I founded the Global Strategists Association, the city had very few spaces for a young black global citizen to get involved. At every opportunity I left my community and ventured into predominantly white places with little to no black people. Today we can say that we have helped change that by hosting the majority of our programming in black spaces and filtering our work through a black lens,” said Founder and CEO Appreccia D. Faulkner. “We strive to extend this work to communities across the city as black diplomacy has shaped cities and nations for generations. It is time we recognized, amplified and invested in this work.”

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About the Global Strategists Association:
The Global Strategists Association (GSA) is a Chicago-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2013. The organization focuses on strengthening global engagement in the African diaspora, with a particular interest in advancing racial justice in global affairs in and around Chicago.

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