Ghana: Global Entrepreneurs to Meet in Accra

The Global 28 Credentials of Entrepreneur (28COE) Summit was launched in Accra.

The summit, scheduled for November 3-6, will bring together entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world.

Originally from Malaysia, the summit is being held in Africa for the first time.

At the launch on Friday, West African representative of 28 Credentials of Entrepreneurs, Dr. Victoria EsinuVitashie, 28COE is a dynamic organization supported by partnerships in the global community.

She said the platform is an entrepreneurial platform focused on networking, branding and consumption.

dr Vitashie said 28COE is the largest community of entrepreneurs and professionals in more than 85 countries.

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She said the sole purpose of the summit is to help aspiring entrepreneurs connect, market and capitalize.

“28COE is working towards a healthier start that produces more entrepreneurs, educates individuals, accelerates innovation and strengthens economic growth, and creates ecosystems that lead to cross-border collaborations and initiatives among investors, policymakers, researchers and business support organizations,” she stressed .

She explained that 28COE is the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, encouraging its members to become mentors for young kidpreneurs and teenpreneurs; who are striving to realize their full potential in business and work.