Generations Z and Alpha Will Be Better Adapted to the Jobs of the Future under STEAM Methodology

Hyper-connected, enterprising, diverse and technological are some of the characteristics of the Alpha and Z generation children and young people who are best suited to future jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM, for its acronym). “The Alpha generation are the people who were born between 2010 and will be born in 2025, they are 100% digital, that is, they were born immersed in an already digitalized world and are even more aware of the information to which they belonged suspended from the start thanks to the internet,” said Ariel Ramos, professor at the Fidélitas School of Systems Engineering.

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On the other hand, Generation Z, those born between 1994 and 2010, are not 100% technological, but have seen the transition as technology became part of everyday life. It is possible that many of these children entering primary school today will work in jobs and technicians that we do not know today, and many of today’s jobs will undergo a series of changes, according to Diego Martínez, Digital Strategist.

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They can contribute meaningfully to the STEAM areas, developing aspects such as critical thinking, assertive communication, service attitude and emotional intelligence, added Martínez. New technologies and information technology are the fastest growing areas, so it is crucial for educational institutions to adapt to new demands and change school programs.

Given this scenario, he spoke to Fray Mario Torres, an expert in the field. “Current education needs tutors who can teach emotionally and engage in these areas, who transform activities that students don’t enjoy into actions that engage their interest. The challenge for the tutors is immense because the The teaching-learning process requires constant support in this day and age,” added Torres.

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Likewise, he points out that the STEAM methodology is becoming increasingly important as it contributes to:

• Benefits of proactive learning

• Develops the ability to solve problems creatively, as well as developing emotional management and logical mathematical thinking.

• Integrates learning through ICT

• Encourages teamwork and teaches decision-making

• Learn through experimentation to improve long-term retention of learned concepts

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