Gasgoo Awards 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award applicant: G-eDrive

G-eDrive has applied for the Annual Most Growth Value Award 2022 for the Gasgoo Awards 2022.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 Annual Most Growth Value Award Applicant: G-eDrive

Photo credit: G-eDrive

Company name: G-eDrive

Main business in the auto industry

G-eDrive is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales and technical consulting of intelligent vehicle power domain system products, including the four business areas of New Energy Vehicle Powertrain, Domain Controller, Electronic Oil Pump and Technical Services.

The main products include New Energy Vehicle Powertrain (2EDS/1DES), Hybrid Transmission (DHT), Domain Controller (TCU/HCU/ACU), Electronic Oil Pump (EOP), etc. The scope of technical advisory services includes key technical services for the entire process of power transmission system of new energy vehicles and traditional energy vehicles.

founder background

Gang Shi, Ph.D. from Beihang University, has worked in national ministries for many years and has rich experience in management and venture capital. As a project manager, since the provincial and ministerial level, he led a special project on scientific and technological foundations and talents, led two vertical and horizontal research topics, and participated in two vertical and horizontal research topics with scientific research funds of over 10 million and published five representative papers on it Area. In December 2019, he founded G-eDrive (Beijing) Auto Tech.Co., Ltd. with the first prize team of the national progress prize. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, production, sale and technical consulting of intelligent vehicle power domain system products, including four business segments of New Energy Vehicle Powertrain, Domain Controller, Electronic Oil Pump and Technical Services . In 2019, as a main member of the project, he won the second prize in the national final of the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In December 2019, he was in charge of the new energy vehicle transmission system project and was selected for the 2019 Qinzhou is the leading innovation and entrepreneurship talent project. In 2020, he participated in the second prize of the national final of the Maker China 2020 SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as a main member of the project. In 2021, as a core member of the project, he won the third prize in the HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition, etc.

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overall corporate strength

1. R&D Capabilities:

The 2-speed electric drive system developed by the company based on a wet multi-plate clutch and a fixed shaft transmission configuration has broken through four technical problems in the development process and created four technical advantages: transmission scheme synthesis and optimization, electromechanical and hydraulic control complex system integration, power shift + adaptive software and offline test technology based on external chip technology, which can ensure the smoothness, economy, performance consistency and performance levels throughout the life cycle.

2. Core Profile of Technical Team:

G-eDrive R&D team is based on Beihang University PhD team and brings together industry elite and leaders. It fully controls the core technologies for the advanced design and development of automatic transmissions and electric drive systems for electric vehicles. It is actually at the top in China.

Many of the core teams have served as lead implementers and won first prize in the 2016 National Science and Technology Advancement Award. A high-level research and development team was formed, including the additional candidates of academics from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, national ten thousand people plan experts, national innovation and entrepreneurial talents, and national hundreds of millions of talents. the core technology and accumulated experience in the design and industrialization of high-efficiency new energy vehicle powertrains and 100% control over the core technology of forward design and development of automatic transmissions and electric drive systems for electric vehicles. It is a stable and complementary cutting-edge scientific research team, occupying a leading position in China.

3. Support and Cooperation:

1) New Energy Vehicle Powertrain: It has cooperated with BAIC BJVE, CFMOTO, VOYAH and New Force OEMs in mass production development and preliminary research development, and is expected to reach mass production in June 2023;

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2)Domain controller: It has cooperated with Guizhou Winstar, DAE, Zhengzhou NISSAN, GAC and other customers, carried out mass production application, new product development and other cooperation, and mass production was achieved in July 2021;

3)EOP: It has cooperated with Yuchai, eKontrol, Yutong, Fast, SAIC Maxus, FAW Jiefang, SANTROLL, etc. on mass production application and new product development, and reached mass production in December 2021;

4)Technical Services: It has carried out long-term cooperation with SAIC GM Wuling, Yuchai, Guizhou Winstar and scientific research institutes, and realized the smooth implementation of more than 10 projects.

4. Patents or other evidence:

As a patent holder, G-eDRIVE has more than 50 core invention patents and software copyrights in the field of intelligent drive systems, and has built three key technical patent barriers: intelligent driver intention perception system, intelligent electric drive efficiency improvement system, and intelligent self-compensation and repair system.


In terms of scientific research projects, since its establishment in 2018, the company has successively approved a number of scientific and technological projects, including 1 provincial and ministerial-level major project, 1 “Shuangbai Shuangxin” project, 2 major science and technology projects, 1 municipal Project Leading innovation and entrepreneurial talent, 3 provincial and ministerial science and technology bases and talent projects, 1 municipal scientific research and technology development plan, 1 municipal large-scale project “Science and Technology Innovation 2025”, etc.;

In terms of honorary awards, it has consecutively won the second prize of the national final of the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019, the second prize of the national final of the 2020 SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition “Maker China” 2020 “Top 500 invisible unicorns in China”, the third prize of the global entrepreneurial competition hicool 2021 and other honors.

Core Products/Technology

1. Product name: The key technology of 2-speed automatic transmission with power shifting for new energy vehicles

2. Technical description:

The key technologies of 2-speed powershift automatic transmissions for new energy vehicles include the transmission scheme optimization technology and the design technology to integrate electromechanical hydraulic systems, the design technology for the optimization of high-speed, high-ratio automatic transmissions, and the manufacturing technology of key parts that collaborative power shift control and intelligent adaptive control technology of new energy vehicles, vehicle adaptation and calibration technology for two-speed electric powertrain assemblies. Six core technologies, such as mass production process and powershift two-speed transmission offline test technology, can optimize the first and second gear ratios, reduce engine torque demand, optimize NVH performance, reduce transmission noise and engine system noise, realize seamless shifting by clutch control, and drive more comfortably . It can consider the two working conditions of the low-efficiency range and the high-efficiency range of the motor, so that the motor can work more in the high-efficiency range to reduce loss and improve endurance performance.

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3. Unique Benefits:

This technology can help improve the target vehicle’s NVH performance, climbing performance, ride comfort, vehicle mileage, vehicle noise reduction, cost, 2%~5% energy saving, 0.3~0 energy saving, 75 degrees of energy per hundred kilometers and other advantages to improve. When the use of this technology product reaches 500,000 units in the market, it can save 150,000-375,000 degrees of energy per year. It can indirectly reduce coal consumption and save a lot of non-renewable energy.

4. Application scenarios:

New Energy Vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, etc.)

Outlook on the future development of the company

At present, G-eDRIVE has completed the advanced technology reserve, patent application, test and verification, production line manufacturing, supply chain construction and market development around the three main products New Energy Powertrain, Domain Controller and Electronic Oil Pump. Many of its main products have been designated for mass production by well-known main engine factories and signed contracts for mass production, representing a leading position in the industry. Sales of the company’s main products are expected to reach 300,000 sets in 2025. The main business income exceeded 1 billion yuan.

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