“Focus Of India Is On Growth, On Green Jobs”: PM Modi

“India's focus is on growth, on green jobs”: PM Modi

PM Modi addressed the National Conference of Environment Ministers.

New Delhi:

Referring to the net-zero emissions target for 2070, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today India’s focus is on green growth and jobs.

“India has set a net zero target by 2070. Now the country’s focus is on growth, on green jobs. And to achieve all these goals, the role of environment ministries of each state is enormous,” PM Modi said at the opening of the National Conference of Environment Ministers in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat via videoconference.

Stressing the need to maintain balance with nature, the prime minister said the role of state environment departments in achieving these goals is vital.

“I call on all environment ministers to promote a circular economy in the states as much as possible,” said Prime Minister Modi.

These steps will significantly strengthen the solid waste management campaign and free us from the clutches of single-use plastic, the prime minister said, according to an official statement.

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Highlighting the groundwater issues, PM Modi said that nowadays, water-abundant states also face water shortages.

The Prime Minister noted that the challenges and measures such as chemical-free natural agriculture, Amrit Sarovar and water security are not limited to each department and the Environment Department must also see these as an equally urgent challenge.

“It is crucial to work with a participatory and integrated approach from environment ministries. If the vision of environment ministries changes, I’m sure nature will benefit too,” he said.

Stressing that this work is not just limited to the information department or the education department, the Prime Minister said that public awareness is another important aspect of environmental protection.

“As you all know, much emphasis has been placed on experiential learning in the national education policies implemented in the country,” PM Modi added.

The Prime Minister noted that this campaign should be led by the Ministry of the Environment.

This will create an awareness of biodiversity among the children and also sow the seeds for environmental protection.

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“Children living in our coastal areas should also learn how to protect the marine ecosystem. We must raise environmental awareness among our children and future generations,” added the Prime Minister.

According to the mantra of Jai Anusandhan, our state universities and laboratories should prioritize innovation in environmental protection.

The Prime Minister also underlined the use of technology to protect the environment. “Studies and research on the conditions of forests in the forests are equally important,” PM Modi added.

In his address to the Assembly, the Prime Minister welcomed everyone to Ekta Nagar and the National Conference of Environment Ministers. The Prime Minister stressed that the conference will be held when India sets new goals for the next 25 years.

Speaking of the importance, the Prime Minister said that the holistic development of Ekta Nagar is an excellent example of an ecological pilgrimage when it comes to forests, water conservation, tourism and our tribal brothers and sisters.

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Citing examples from the International Solar Alliance, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure and the LiFE movement, the Prime Minister noted that India is not only making great strides in renewable energy but is also leading other nations around the world.

The Prime Minister said, “Today’s new India is leading the way with new thinking and new approaches.” The Prime Minister further added that India is a rapidly developing economy and is also continuously strengthening its ecology. “Our forest area has increased and wetlands are also expanding rapidly,” he added.

The Prime Minister noted that today the world is joining India for successfully fulfilling its commitments. “Lion girls, tigers, elephants, one-horned rhinos and leopards have increased in number over the years. New excitement has returned from the homecoming of the cheetah in Madhya Pradesh a few days ago,” the Prime Minister added.

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