Falcon Security Services, One of the Top Rated Companies in Ottawa, Offers Reliable Safety Solutions for Clients

Ottawa, ON – (NewMediaWire) – September 23, 2022 – Hiring a security company is the best way to combat incidents of theft, assault, trespassing and other criminal activity. Purchasing security solutions gives residential and commercial property owners peace of mind that their families, employees, tenants, assets, personal belongings and company files are safe from threats or malicious individuals. At Falcon Security Services, a team of security officers and associates pride themselves on their ability to provide personalized services to individuals, corporate agencies and government institutions. The Company’s employment standard includes pre-selection, a selective hiring process and rigorous training to produce highly qualified and knowledgeable personnel.

“We understand that our guards are a direct representation of you and your business, so we provide highly trained, highly skilled professionals with a customer service first attitude to ensure you the best possible security and experience.” company spokesman.

The disciplined and well-trained security guards de-escalate tense situations and deter criminal activity, creating a safe environment for customers. Their expertise includes monitoring homes, construction/renovation sites, embassies, factories, warehouses, condos, events, sensitive buildings and more. They help clients determine the right people who should be entering a property, conduct baggage/parcel screening to minimize the risk of harmful equipment, and conduct routine patrols around properties. As first responders, the guards know what it takes to defuse an emergency before authorities arrive. They also act as a point of reference/contact for guests by greeting them, answering questions and providing directions. When an incident occurs, the guards write detailed security reports detailing investigations, observations, maintenance recommendations, and daily/monthly activities.

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Falcon Security Services guards meet the company’s service needs. Each guard receives a minimum of 60 hours of onsite/offsite training. After training, they will receive a valid Ontario Security Guard License, be certified in the use of force, understand crisis management, and use non-physical crisis interventions. The company selects Police Foundation graduates, Security Officer graduates and Legal and Security Department graduates. When selecting potential employees, management focuses on personal values ​​such as a smile, image, knowledge, manners, empathy, politeness and social skills.

Falcon Security Services’ mobile patrol units have the fastest response times in Ontario, whether stationed quietly in mall parking lots or driving through residential neighborhoods. The fleets offer high security profiles with professionally marked/equipped vehicles and licensed uniformed security guards. The patrol services are a popular choice for clients looking to prevent crime while staying on a budget. Trained supervisors, mobile guards and alarm workers regularly visit and inspect a customer’s site. They check windows/doors, arm/disarm alarms, remove loitering people, escort employees to vehicles, lock down buildings, look for signs of wrongdoing and discover potential hazards/threats.

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First impressions count, especially for business owners who deal with many customers. Concierge security services offered by Falcon Security Services ensure current/prospect customers/residents are comfortable, cared for and safe. Guard duties include providing security, looking after guests, handling packages/mail, patrolling buildings and dealing with emergencies. In addition, the company has security camera systems for business and commercial properties in Ottawa. The certified technicians consult with customers to understand their needs before recommending multiple products for optimal coverage and operational features.

Falcon Security Services’ contingency plan for additional coverage requires each security guard to fill out specific forms to ensure their 24-hour availability. The company has formulated a motivational strategy to increase guard response time, follow-up services, efficiency and productivity. Their safety tactics have earned them many 5-star ratings, positive testimonials, and long-term relationships with Ontario communities.

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Since Falcon Security Services was founded in 2010, it has established offices in various locations throughout Ontario. The company is registered, authorized and licensed by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services to issue security services under the guidelines of the Private Security & Investigative Services Act. Visit their website to learn more about their Ottawa office.

For reliable and effective security solutions, call (514) 657-5793 to speak with a representative. Falcon Security Services is located at 2255 St. Laurent Blvd, #125, Ottawa, ON, K1G 4K3, Canada.

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