Expedia Group Open World™ Accelerator Program for startups and SMBs around the world.

Expedia group

Application deadline: October 21, 2022

Expedia group is excited to launch the Open World™ Accelerator, an initiative aimed at driving innovation in the travel industry by helping startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accelerate their growth and innovate on their purpose-built Introduce Open World™ technology platform.


If you are a startup or SME that meets these criteria, the Expedia group invites you to apply:

  • Technically or technically competent and must have at least one product or service developed at the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) level.
  • Established in the last 10 years or less
  • Have a mission, goal or focus to improve accessibility and/or inclusion within the travel industry
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Open to startups and SMBs around the world, the six-month, no-venture Remote Accelerator consists of two programs:


Objective: This program ties into the Open World™ social impact and sustainability strategy and aims to empower startups and SMBs in the travel and hospitality ecosystem by leveraging Expedia Group’s platform.

Theme: Increase access for underserved travelers; Make travel more open and accessible


Objective: Accelerate new platform capabilities through co-development with select startups and SMBs on Expedia’s Open World™ platform.

Theme: to be announced

Publication date: Will be announced in 2023



Access to Expedia Group insights and technology to accelerate your organic growth and product development, including access to Expedia Group products such as: Travel Agent Affiliate Program, Media Solutions, Affiliate Hub. Read more details about these products in the FAQ.

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Regular coaching and mentoring sessions by Expedia Group and external Traveltech experts, as well as workshops to further develop product and business plans.


Connect with a community of like-minded travel tech innovators and attend two in-person events: (1) program launch at Expedia Group HQ in January 2023 and (2) program closure/demo day in May 2023. Travel for both in -Personal events are covered by Expedia Group.

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Expedia Group’s press, social media and website augmentation will increase your visibility in industry and investment communities.


Access up to $20,000 non-equity grant per selected participating company.


Opportunity to explore potential commercial and/or technical partnerships with Expedia Group.

Selection criterion:

  1. Clarity of problem statement and potential addressable market
  2. Uniqueness of the product/solution
  3. Traction and scalability potential
  4. team composition and experience
  5. Mission, goal or focus on improving accessibility and/or inclusion within the travel industry
  6. Quality of the presentation (when applicant switches to the introduction round)


Deadline incident
September 28, 2022 application open
October 21, 2022 application deadline
December 2022 Announcement of participants
January 2023 program opening
May 2023 Program conclusion and demo day

For more informations:

Visit the official website of Expedia Group’s Open World™ accelerator program

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