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ESA has announced a partnership with Euroconsult to empower entrepreneurship and develop innovative space solutions. Focusing on European space startups incubated in the ESA BIC network, the collaboration offers incubated companies and alumni an exclusive rate of market intelligence and insight.

The European Space Agency, on behalf of its network of business incubation centers, has signed a letter of commitment to strengthen its proposition for space startups with high growth potential, by providing market analysis and networking opportunities. Leading global strategy consulting and market intelligence firm Euroconsult, active in the vertical space and satellite sector, has signed this letter to provide exclusive insight and connectivity opportunities aimed at increasing knowledge and access to business opportunities for incubator companies.

ESA Business Incubators (ESA BICs), an initiative launched in 2003 by the European Space Agency’s Technology Transfer Program Office, has grown to become the largest network of space incubators in Europe. More than 25 centers have been established to date in around 80 locations across ESA member states, each hosting a cluster of young, local companies working in the space sector value chain. Incubated companies can stay in the program for up to two years before graduation and benefit from financial aid, mentoring, technical advice and a global network of industrial and research connections, with more than 1,200 companies on the prestigious list of graduates. graduated/incubated until today. .

Euroconsult is set to enhance the benefits of ESA BIC for incubator companies and graduates through a new partnership offering access to industry-leading market intelligence reports at a preferential rate. In addition, Euroconsult will also present a series of webinars providing valuable insight into various sectors across the global space value chain, starting with an exclusive presentation of its highly anticipated Space Economy 2022 report.

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In addition, the partnership will provide networking opportunities for leading space sector entrepreneurs at all Euroconsult events, including an opportunity to work with high-level executives from major space companies at Euroconsult’s annual conference, World Satellite Business Week in Paris.

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Joseph Eschbacher, Director General of ESA Stated, This collaboration between Euroconsult and our business incubator centers on the priority we give to space commercialization and the development of high-potential space startups. Through this partnership, we will complement the technical and market intelligence support we already provide to our BIC startups with additional information and networking opportunities, supporting them on their journey to further expansion. This partnership should be seen in the context of our ScaleUp program proposed to European ministers to participate in the next ESA Ministerial Council this November.

The main objective of the ESA BIC program is to support entrepreneurs with space-based business ideas, catalyzing regional clusters of space-related start-ups across Europe. Each ESA BIC is managed locally by organizations that connect ESA BICs to private industry, academia, research institutions and investment communities in the domestic space ecosystem, while ensuring links to the wider national and international business landscape.

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Pacôme Révillon, Executive Director of Euroconsult, said We are delighted to announce this exciting partnership and look forward to supporting the European Space Agency and leading space entrepreneurs in the future. Euroconsult’s brand of specialist market intelligence, analysis and insight into the latest trends and opportunities helps empower entrepreneurship and help develop innovative business space solutions for an industry that continues to go from strength to strength.

The collaboration between ESA BIC and Euroconsult is set to begin with the first webinar and exclusive preview of the Space Economy Report 2022 on 19 January with immediate effect.the seventh.


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