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Performer: Paula Bedin is the founder and owner of MYN Sport (MYN stands for “Mind Your Nature”), an e-commerce company specializing in trendy sportswear. Born and raised in Italy, Bedin, 48, came to the United States about 15 years ago when he worked for an Italian company that wanted to expand its operations in the United States. He first landed in Austin, Texas, then came to Tampa. His career took him across the pond to the UK before he returned stateside and permanently settled in Tampa to go into business for himself.

Deviation: cycling. Badin is a former professional cyclist. He fell in love with the sport at the age of 7 and rode professionally for almost three years, retiring at 18. While no longer a professional, he continues to ride today, often over long distances. Cycling was a kind of family business: Badin’s grandfather rode and raced like his father and uncle. MYN Sport is an extension of his passion for high performance cycling.

Recruitment drive

Edin says she was recruited to join a professional cycling team because, at the time, not many women participated in the sport in Italy, and in most European competitions each team had to field a male and female team. He later defied his parents’ will to pursue the sport as a career – even though cycling was a big part of his family heritage.

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“I started riding bikes when I was 7, not kids’ bikes,” he says. “It comes from a family interest. I have an older sister and my mother wanted to give my father a boy when she was pregnant with me.

Badin’s father, uncle and grandfather were all great cyclists and raced regularly, so in theory a son was an ideal vessel to carry on the tradition. Bede, however, did not let preconceived notions about him get in the way. I always wanted to race, and [my parents] “I never wanted to compete.” “They always wanted me to focus on school.”

Drive to progress

Badin trained year-round, even in the snowy winters of northern Italy, to maximize his natural talent for cycling. This often meant he strapped on a pair of cross-country skis. “We’d go out and do cross-country skiing because the muscles you’re moving are the same,” he says. They blend well with the muscles you move while cycling.

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Bring up the rear

Badin readily admits that he was not one of the strongest riders on his team. In fact, he often followed himself, which gave him plenty of opportunities to study how cycling clothing fit and performed. “You have no idea how well you can see from the back how the shorts are wearing out,” he says. [the fabric], where it just looks bad. It was a great experience for me and it worked out well in terms of work.”

Early retirement

Bedi is very clear about the shortness of his cycling career. “I was blessed [with talent] But I saw that I was not good enough to be at the top. Also, wages were shockingly low, especially for female cyclists. “Professional women are paid less than McDonald’s, with all due respect to the people who work at McDonald’s.”

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To enjoy it

Today, Bedin continues to ride… and ride… and ride… usually about 8,000 miles a year.

“I ride a bike almost every day,” he says. Now it’s a little more difficult for me – because I’m a single mother of two, it takes a lot of time and effort to do everything. And cycling as a sport is not the same as jogging where you go out for an hour. It takes many hours.”

Badin never rides alone, preferring to ride in groups that go fast over long distances. He relishes the challenge, but it also gives him a chance to assess how his MYN tracksuits fare under long-term pressure.

“I like to go out and experiment with fabrics,” she says. “It takes a lot of time. I usually like to only ship a product after I’ve tested it for a year. I do it myself, but I also use a few other people to test it, guys who have “They ride 14,000 miles a year. I care about quality.”


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