Entrepreneur Economist Dr Pradeep Toshniwal awarded Honorary doctorate in Economics

dr Pradeep Toshniwal Managing Director of R Impex Limited

The Senate of the Oxford Union Academy awards the economist Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal a rare recognition. dr Toshniwal was awarded an honorary doctorate in economics

The world economic order is making a transition from a free economy to a very complex economy.”

– dr Pradeep Toshniwal

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, Oct. 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Oxford Union Academy Senate on September 29, 2022 elected Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal, Managing Director of R Impex Limited, with an Honorary Doctorate in Economics and International Trade. dr Pradeep Toshniwal is a leading economist and international trade expert and guest lecturer at the world’s major government institutions.

To this said Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal: “I am delighted to receive an honorary doctorate from the Oxford Union Academy. This landmark achievement will further propel my goal of continuing my academic and professional journey through critical areas of scientific inquiry. I am honored to receive this honorary doctorate in economics award.”

dr Pradeep Toshniwal is a world-renowned expert on modern issues and a frequent speaker on numerous forums around the world. dr Toshniwal is credited with popularity as an innovator, social connections, a watchdog report on value creation, and merchant expectations of value creation.

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dr Pradeep Toshniwal, Managing Director of R Impex Limited, is a global citizen and believes in corporate social responsibility. Over the years, Dr. Pradeep Toshniwal steadily moved from the corporate world to charity and education companies. R Impex Limited is a leading exporter of healthcare products based in Hong Kong with a presence in over 75 countries worldwide

The Oxford Union Academy represents the UK on the International Council for Science (ICSU), Association of All European Academies (ALLEA), World Federation of Scientists (WFS), International Academic Union (UAI), UNESCO, InterAcademy Panel (IAP), and various worldwide scientific organizations. It has three departments uniting members (327 members, together with 95 full members, 90 corresponding members, 50 honorary members and 97 foreign members) on the principle of associated sciences.

dr Pradeep Toshniwal is the Promoter and Managing Director of R Impex Limited. He earned his finance degree in India. dr Pradeep Tosniwal was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in International Trade from the Indian Institute of Research Management India for his exemplary contribution to the field of pharmacy
Coming from very humble beginnings, Dr. Padeep Toshniwal achieves exceptional results by developing and redefining the business roadmap, ensuring differentiation as a competitive advantage and having a clear focus on the brands consumers want and the products consumers need.

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under dr Toshniwal’s flagship, the marketing and research departments were established and the product development department expanded. The company has grown at a CAGR of 175%. Profitable growth aims to anticipate future trends and have the most talented and motivated team in the country.
Under his leadership, the company ventured into new geographies with a wide range of products in various therapeutic segments. His vision and value system have led the organization to sustainable profitability. dr Toshniwal assembled a professional team.

dr Toshniwal is an avid advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and strongly supports girls’ education initiatives which have contributed nearly Rs 6,000,000 to society to date.
R Impex Limited is Hong Kong’s leading supplier of anti-cancer, anti-malarial and anti-viral intermediates and active ingredients with a presence in over 75 countries around the world. He started with a vision to create a global pharmaceutical services company. Under his capable and dynamic leadership, R Impex Limited has grown rapidly to reach newer milestones and the highest levels of performance. He is the main architect for the organization’s progress.

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dr Pradeep Toshniwal with over two decades of experience in business and finance roles. He is well versed in the overall management of the company and has extensive hands-on experience in marketing, manufacturing and finance. His business acumen, entrepreneurial zeal, organizational skills and managerial skills have enabled R Impex Limited to grow by leaps and bounds and spread its wings around the world.

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