Engineered in India by Mohan Reddy is a must for entrepreneurs

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

A ‘Rags to Riches’ narrative or a guide for engineers to do better engineering for India and the world? Mohan Reddy’s Engineered in India has all the elements of a compelling entrepreneurial story set in the turbulent times of India’s own journey from a poor, struggling new democracy to a world leader in providing services and products to the world.

This book is a fascinating read as it recounts the entrepreneurial odyssey of a middle-class Indian with all the family pressures and competitive and environmental hurdles that many of us have faced in building companies in India with a different ‘perspective’ from the masses.

What sets Man and Book apart is India’s almost unique creation of a new suite of services – from digitization to geoservices, computer-aided design and product manufacturing, and a willingness to combine an incremental innovation approach with the occasional disruptive innovation for key customers. . This much-needed duality of approach should be one of the key learnings of the book.

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An encouraging feature of the story is the “applying tools rather than throwing bodies at complex problems” approach that led to the company he founded, Infotech Enterprises (now Cyient), leading market share and opportunity in many areas. Created a key.

The willingness to work with strategic partners who were leaders in their countries, building intellectual property and adding business software services to the portfolio to catch up with IT industry peers shows the finesse with which a true entrepreneur strategizes and adapts to their needs. Each phase

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There are many ideas that today’s entrepreneurs can learn from – the dual approach of products and services, creating unique services relevant to whatever market they choose to play in, and succeeding in cross-border acquisitions by having a truly global mindset and willingness to According to the sale. Compensation methods and structures for new positions. And in what should be seen as a real departure from the Indian service mindset, the willingness to design and manufacture in India can indeed be seen as a major breakthrough – in the mindset and commitment to customer success that epitomizes the man. And also his company.

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The future of India, and indeed the software and engineering services industry, will lie in replicating what Mohan Reddy calls “designing tomorrow together” with clients fully aware of the competence and experience that “inside-out” strategy and insight into. defines A market and competitive perspective that enables “outside-in” thinking.

Institutions like Cyient and indeed Mohan Reddy himself deserve praise and emulation and this book is truly a treasure trove of great ideas for future entrepreneurship!

(Dr. Ganesh Natarajan is the Chairman of 5F World and Honeywell Automation India Limited and has been the Chairman of NASSCOM and SVP India.)


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