ECU Reveals New Uniforms For Memphis Game

2022 Unified Reveal


GREENVILLE, NC – East Carolina University has unveiled a new uniform to be worn during their home game against Memphis on Saturday, October 15, administrators announced today. The contest against the Tigers has been dubbed Homecoming, Hall of Fame and Letterwinners Weekend.

The uniform combination, designed by Senior Will Treadway, represents elements from multiple decades, dating back to the 1970’s. On the purple jersey, the block numbers are a nod to the 1980 uniforms as they will have white numbers with a gold drop shadow. He has worked a stripe pattern from the 1990s on the sleeves, trousers and helmet. The signature PIRATES lettering on the chest connects three decades of consistent elements.

On either side of the white helm is a purple italic pirate logo put on in the 1970s. Matching a gold face mask, two purple and one gold stripes are placed in the center of the helmet, as well as the ECU 1990 logo on the helmet bumper.

“I designed a Modern Throwback uniform with the intention of merging several decades of pirate football,” Treadway said during his presentation. “I used elements from various pirate uniforms from the 1970’s through today to represent multiple generations of pirate fans. This look is designed to both celebrate our past and inspire fans for the future. Each element represents a moment in time and will remind fans of their early memories of pirate football!”

In the Fall 2021 semester, ECU’s Miller School of Entrepreneurship partnered with the Pirate Football program to run and complete a unified design competition. Associate Professor Dan Elliot hosted workshops for students from ECU’s School of Art & Design in November. He provided feedback and tips on the specific designs that had to comply with NCAA and ECU guidelines.

The students presented their designs to five judges, including jury chair Fielding Miller, on November 9 in the football team room in the Ward Sports Medicine Building. Submissions were evaluated according to the following criteria:

•Concept – The uniform has a clear meaning and history behind the design.

•Uniqueness – The uniform stands out from other college football uniforms and will come in handy when recruiting.

•Versatility – The uniform goes well with the currently used uniforms, especially the white and purple ones as they are newer.

•Branding – The uniform clearly represents East Carolina University and adheres to all ECU and NCAA guidelines.

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