Ecommerce entrepreneur Gav Kwok on becoming passionate about what you do

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Passion is an essential ingredient for successful business entrepreneurship. The case of top billionaires such as Bill Gates, who has been passionate about technology and programming since his youth, is often cited as examples to follow for new and enthusiastic people in business.

However, for new e-commerce entrepreneur Gav Kwok, this mindset can be a trap, especially for beginners with little success or experience.

You think of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, like Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett or whoever. They talk about the importance of passion and of course people listen to their thoughts. However, it can be a mistake to follow them exactly at their word because their information contains all the experience and predictions of previous success. Entrepreneurs, especially beginners, should find the main facts in such recommendations before implementing them.

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Although Gav still sees it as a fundamental part of entrepreneurship, he advocates a different kind of entrepreneurial passion that focuses on the results and the path you need to take to get there.

Most people think, “Oh, I must have passion to do this.” But it’s not like I wasn’t interested in e-commerce when I started, and now I only have that passion because I’ve grown to be good at it. I think what’s easier to relate to is being passionate about your outcome. It’s easier to find common ground with what we want, and I’m sure most people want things like success or the freedom to do what they want.

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In Gav’s case, this entrepreneurial passion led him down the path of eCommerce and Amazon’s FBA Wholesale. Now five years into the effort, Gav has built a nine-figure business that is on track to reach $100 million in revenue by 2022.

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Aside from his thoughts on passion, Gav has other advice for those looking into e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

“You have to work hard and smart, which can be difficult if you’re not naturally passionate about the outcome. Focusing my passion on the outcome allowed me to be patient and relentless and find the success I have today .

When not running his nine-figure e-commerce business, Gav Kwok spends his free time on a podcast and a YouTube channel, chronicling his e-commerce business model and entrepreneurial journey.


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