Dubai centrepoint for global trade: Entrepreneur


Mariam Alkhalifa

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Mariam Alkhalifah, Saudi businessman and founder of MKK Group, in an online interview with Gulf Today, said: “Companies, big or small, need to set foot in Dubai because it is one of the important in the region to develop locally and globally. . We had the idea to expand to Dubai two years ago and we did it about a year ago. Dubai is a hub for global trade and a huge market in itself, so one of the best steps is to expand our business in Dubai to further expand into regional markets.

She has completed a year in her interior design business in Dubai and is enjoying the outcome of establishing her office in the UAE, in addition to meeting the demands of a niche market in Saudi Arabia.

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The entrepreneur engages in a series of businesses in Saudi Arabia with more than eight years of experience.

Mariam Alkhalifah built an innovative and inspiring design team and founded MK Design Studio in 2015, based in Riyadh and Dubai.

His passion for design allows him to think outside the box.

Mariam’s goal is to create unique and timeless spaces that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Responding to a question, Mariam Alkhalifah said: “The purpose of setting foot in Dubai is the existence and expansion of our business. This strengthens our local activity and plays a major role in relations with international and Arab companies, which develops the mechanisms and methodologies of our work to a higher level.

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Mariam Alkhalifah said, “Initially, we started with an online marketplace and then opened our offices as it was bigger. We must not forget that Dubai and working there require a presence and development at all levels. Our goal is big and Dubai is the center of it. »

She launched her business specializing in the world of interior design and decoration in Dubai last year, after the great successes she had in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Mariam Alkhalifah has completed a number of professional degrees including Interior Design, Business Management and Perfumes and Candles in London.

She leads a series of commercial projects in Saudi Arabia.

“Interior design is the art of filling spaces with what suits the client, whether a homeowner or a business entity, making them look better and better, while using the spaces in a literal and harmonious way, placing furniture in its place, while distributing lighting and colors in a thoughtful way,” she explained.


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