Dozy Mmobuosi: Entrepreneur building Africa’s largest agrifintech

It is a universal belief that difficult conditions reveal the true quality of any entrepreneur, and this is undoubtedly the case of Dozi Moboosi, who works tirelessly to find solutions to the problems facing the country and Africa, especially farmers in relation to them. has done. Digital economy

Dozi graduated from Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria with a BA in Political Science and MA in Economics and a Ph.D. in Rural Development from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

He completed an advanced management and leadership program at Sade Business School, University of Oxford, in March 2022.

Dozi is an entrepreneur who believes that he was instructed and trained even from a difficult childhood that prepared him for the massive mission he has since embarked on to find solutions to human challenges.

A rare gem, Dozi has shown that she is a bundle of tenacity, perseverance, tenacity, tenacity, passion and resilience embodied through her bold entrepreneurial steps. He is like a small seed with the power to break the hard ground and grow into a mighty tree.

His entrepreneurial spirit first became apparent in his teenage years, when he earned the nickname General due to his notoriety and success in middle school.

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A unique youth with a special upbringing, obstacles and entrepreneurial aspirations paved the way for his adventure.

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Dozy has made a name for itself in the agriculture and fintech sectors thanks to its inspiring mission to provide long-term solutions to key players in the sector, a development that has made it popular on a global scale.

When Internet penetration did not grow as expected after two years of operation, Dozi and his father started an e-publishing company called Fair Deal Concept, which later became Tingo Mobile.

Their first book, The 419 Scam, which was published as a first edition, was written by Father Dussey and aimed to help people avoid scams.

The book, which enjoyed some international success, was noted by the US Embassy and was also featured on CNN.

Dozi was able to launch his first company, Tingo, with the help of his father, who was a co-founder and early investor, before the latter left in 2005. His father has always been his source of encouragement.

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Tingo is an agricultural fintech company that provides agricultural subscribers access to a marketplace that helps them manage their business activities to grow and sell their products to domestic and international market participants.

This is done through the use of smartphones and a comprehensive service platform.

However, before creating Tingo, Dozi was part of the team that created the first mobile payment platform in Nigeria. This product allowed people to send money via SMS and the recipient could claim the money in person at the bank even if they did not have a bank account.

After providing a banking solution to the bank, the serial entrepreneur went on to launch a social networking platform Naijafans with the likes of Ikenna Okpala and others.

Developed in 2003 when internet usage in Nigeria was still low, the platform was the only social media network at the time that had a Nigerian audience in mind.

Dozi, who founded Tingo Mobile in 2001, has overseen the company’s tremendous operational expansion across three continents while gaining extensive experience in Southeast Asia, China, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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This businessman is undoubtedly trying to build an empire in the fintech industry. Not surprisingly, this serial entrepreneur sits on the boards of numerous organizations and serves as a consultant to several large corporate organizations.

Given his recent appointment to the Commonwealth Investment and Investment Council (CWEIC) Global Advisory Council, it is clear that Dozi’s multiple achievements in the business over the years have not gone unnoticed.

According to CWEIC, the official business network of the Commonwealth of Nations, Dozy Mmobuosi is a leading Nigerian technology entrepreneur and advocate for technical growth and social upliftment in Africa and beyond.

Passionate about the UN’s social development goals, Dozi directs his business and philanthropic efforts towards giving Africa the opportunity to become a key focal point for addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges, such as climate change and food security. to give .

Although he is an extremely successful entrepreneur, his desire and passion to improve the lives of those around him led him to establish his foundation in December 2021.

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