Does a Book Call Trump ‘The Son of Man, The Christ’?

A book calling Donald Trump the “Son of Man” and “Christ” has been promoted by its author at several rallies for the former US President.


Author Helgard Müller said he believes there are two Christs, with Jesus being the Son of God who was betrayed by Judas and Trump being the Son of man who “was betrayed [former U.S. Vice President Mike] cents.” He also claimed his book, President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man—The Christ, was not satire.

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In September 2022, a Twitter user Posted that at a rally in Ohio held for former US President Donald Trump, flyers calling him “Son of Man” and “Christ” were available. It was true that the flyers featured the cover of an actual, published book by the author Helgard Mueller, titled: “President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ.” The rally was held on September 17 at the Covelli Center Arena in Youngstown.

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Müller confirmed to us via the Messenger app that he personally distributed the flyers at the Trump rally in Youngstown. “I gave out the flyers. I gave them to the people in line. Some sat,” he said. We also asked him if anyone with Trump’s campaign or team has ever distributed the flyers in an official capacity. “No,” he replied.

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Posts on Mueller’s Facebook page showed that he was traveling with a trailer (the small one below) and some signs to promote his book at Trump rallies. The book’s release appeared to have been around March 2022.

“Is this satire?” asked a Facebook commenter. “No,” Mueller replied. “The only true.”

Another Facebook commenter asked for an explanation, posting: “What!!?? Trump… The Christ? Will you pull our leg off?” Mueller responded by referring to his interpretation of Bible verses and saying he believed that the Son of God was Jesus Christ, and the Son of Man Being Trump, which means he believed there are two Christs:

You know that Jesus, the Son of God, always spoke about the Son of Man in a third person?

“For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words (Jesus the Son of God), of him shall the Son of man be ashamed when he comes in his own glory and in that of his Father and of the holy angels .”

Haven’t you noticed how Jesus, the Son of God, spoke of himself in the first person and always referred to the Son of Man in the third person?😉

Mueller also told us that he believes there is a comparison between Jesus, who was betrayed by Judas, and Trump, who was allegedly “betrayed by Pence,” allegedly referring to the former US Vice President’s decision to to follow the Constitution instead of overturning the results of the 2020 US presidential election based on conspiracy theories. (In reality, credible evidence of massive voter fraud showing that the election was “stolen,” as Trump often claimed, has never been presented.)

After the Ohio rally, Mueller uploaded a video that provides a longer explanation of why he believes Trump is “the Son of Man” and “the Christ” as mentioned on the cover of his book. “Do not be offended. Don’t say, ‘Ew, that’s blasphemous,'” he said. “Jesus is the King of the Jews. Trump is the king of kings.”

In summary, it is true that at a Trump rally flyers were distributed for a book calling Trump “the Son of God” and “the Christ.”


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