Digital Women Awards 2022: Women Re-starting Entrepreneurship

In its eighth year, the Digital Women Awards, India’s largest program for women entrepreneurs, is back to honor the achievements of women. Storm The Norm, the theme of this year’s awards, highlights the creativity, talent and invention of women using the Internet to launch their own companies.

Day 3 of Digital Women Awards 2022 It started on Monday, November 14. The panel explored how women are being empowered to restart entrepreneurship through the Internet in collaboration with Her Second Innings.

Manjula Dharmalingam, creator of his second season, moderated the panel. The panel featured Rashmi Kulkarni of Trang Studio and Nida Sahar of Neefe Labs who shared their views on how women can restart entrepreneurship. Small businesses run by women have benefited from the development of the Internet. It is not easy to work for decades in a company before becoming an entrepreneur. Here is our panel speaker track.

Restarting women with entrepreneurship

Kulkarni was born and brought up in Bangalore. And corporate business also moving to Bangalore with 17-18 years experience in HR. After getting married, she moved to Blagovi from Silicon Valley, where finding a job was challenging. He then founded Tarang Hobby Studio after being discouraged by the little art education that city children received at school.

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Sahar, who looks like Kulkarni, was born and brought up in Bangalore. After about 10 years of experience working as a software engineer in the corporate world, he was unhappy with his job. He simply wasn’t happy with his ownership, so he left in 2017. He has been an entrepreneur for the past 5 years.

Advantages and disadvantages of a startup career

Rebooting has its pros and cons, which is a difficult task in itself. Everyone, especially those who have devoted more than a decade to a company, can experience a lack of work. And to suddenly end everything for a long time is something that is very annoying.

Kulkarni describes a long gap during which she conceived and gave birth to a child: “But the void of not working follows her. I said she wants a baby but doesn’t want to work after that. After being inspired by his son Trang, I established a studio called Trang and he started his entrepreneurial journey. In this context, I argued, starting a business without a mentor is very challenging. There was no work from home option, so I had no idea what I was doing. Although I was encouraged, there were no female entrepreneurs in 2012 and I had many ups and downs.

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Shahrer shares his pros and cons: “Owning things was one of my advantages. Because when I worked for a company I was limited to one aspect of the job. I have to work for everything, from getting to design, while running my own business. And the disadvantages of anything indicate a change in your thinking. And the biggest problem is the lack of funds. You get paid in a company. However, salary here really reflects your work. Holidays are also difficult here. Working without rest is challenging. And the beauty of a startup is to create something new yourself.”

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What is the preparatory stage for the entrepreneurial journey?

When asked what is the first thing to remember if someone wants to create an entrepreneurial journey? Sharing the preliminary steps, Kulkarni says, “Prepare your mind from within to become an entrepreneur. Second, no matter how ignorant you are, know what you’re going to do and be prepared. However, adjust the schedule to see if it is accurate. “You’re the only one who has to put up with this, so be prepared to do it again and again.”

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In addition, Sahar added his tips: “Stay with those who support your decision. Be the leader Have an ecosystem and a founder mindset that is aware of this. Having an environment that is entrepreneurial. Having a plan is very important. As you come up with this, consider the risk factor. It has to have financiers in advance, not only for the financials, but also for the growth.” Sahar also shared his entrepreneurial journey, belonging to an Orthodox family, he had to convince them to allow him in the first place. It was a big challenge to give him work and then finally start working for himself.

An inspirational message to a sister

“Even when I look in the mirror and see myself, my path inspires me to watch other women’s work. My children inspire me every time I see them. Talking to you today gave me encouragement. Please take notes and become friends. Believe in me.” Kulkarni shared her inspirational note. Adding more, Sahar added her inspirational note: “The impact I have had. I constantly encourage my lady colleague. It’s all about removing obstacles. Pay attention to it and build those bridges to your goals.”


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