Deluxe Corp. cutting jobs in Georgia, Florida

Deluxe Corp. lays off 145 employees in Georgia and Florida and closes a facility in each state to cut costs.

“These two locations are closing due to an overall consolidation of our real estate footprint. We have been looking internally at opportunities to realize efficiencies and cost savings across our real estate portfolio and to consolidate work in certain geographic areas,” said Cameron Potts, a spokesman for Deluxe.

Minneapolis-based Deluxe has evolved from its historic check printing business to one that offers a more diversified mix of small business services. Potts said there have been no significant layoffs in the Twin Cities.

The company is cutting 87 jobs in the Atlanta metro area and 58 jobs in Metro Orlando. Both facilities are remittance processing centers. The work done in those offices will be moved to “central locations,” Potts said.

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The Georgia location will close on January 31st and the Florida location on February 28th.

“We have now resigned to give employees enough time to plan their next steps,” Potts said. “Locally, a handful of management positions have been eliminated as part of the normal assessment of our overall needs, regardless of the closure of these two sites. … No more major reorganization [is] in progress.”

The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN) requires companies to give at least 60 days’ notice in the event of plant closures, mass layoffs, or significant downsizing. In its WARN letter to the state of Florida, Deluxe said the facility’s closure is part of the company’s effort to “reduce structural costs and reduce its overall real estate footprint.”

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In September 2020, the company announced plans to build a FinTech innovation center and customer experience center in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta. Deluxe was scheduled to spend more than $12.6 million on a space renovation and overhaul in an existing building. An announcement by then-Office of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said Deluxe would create 709 new jobs in the Atlanta area.

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The hiring in Atlanta is a multi-year process, Potts said, and declined to disclose the number of positions created so far.

Deluxe moved its headquarters from suburban Shoreview to downtown Minneapolis in 2021.

In early August, the company reported solid second-quarter financials, with sales up 17.7% and net income up 82.6%.

According to the company’s annual financial statements, 6,313 people were employed at the end of December. Of these, 5,645 employees work in the USA

The company also has offices in Canada, Europe and Australia.