Costco Items With Most Customer Complaints In 2022

From Kirkland brand laundry detergent to bakery and food court gems, there’s a lot to love at Costco’s warehouses. Club members are not afraid to publicize these products, which they cannot live without. But, to Costco’s dismay, they also don’t hold back when it comes to foods that don’t quite hit the mark.

Every shopper has their own personal tastes and preferences, but for the following products, recent customer complaints seem to outweigh the praise. Read on to find out which items to avoid on your next Costco run.

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bag of potatoes

We recently reported on an issue that many Costco shoppers were having with their potatoes. One Reddit user shared that their bag of Costco red potatoes — an item that typically has a shelf life of up to five weeks — started going bad just two weeks after purchase.

Others chimed in to share their own experiences, adding that the problem didn’t end with potatoes. Other products bought from the major retailer, such as strawberries, oranges, bananas and tomatoes, were also found unsatisfactory and highly perishable, according to the thread.

Avocados in the grocery store

A Reddit user added to the list of complaints for Costco’s produce department that he shared photos of his freshly purchased avocados that were already moldy. “Oh guess who’s going back for a refund,” they wrote. The consensus from the comments section was that this was not an isolated incident and that the quality of Costco’s avocados had been lacking for some time.

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Another thread that actually started as a PSA sharing a new price cut for Costco’s avocados quickly turned into a bash session for the product. Users complained that the fruit was often rotten or, on the other hand, never softened enough to be edible. Many agreed that the Mexican avocados sold in stores were superior to the Peruvian variety.

Costco Organic Hard Boiled Eggs
Costco Business Center

Reddit user u/simpleout received over 400 upvotes for a negative post about Costco’s Kirkland-brand organic hard-boiled eggs. “The hard-boiled eggs are pretty gross, they have a weird taste,” the post reads. Despite the initial support, shoppers seemed split in the comments about whether they love or hate the Costco item.

“I got these, they always taste weird to me too. Almost like I can taste the plastic,” shared one commenter, while another said, “I eat the devils out of these and haven’t had any issues. Maybe you have an improperly stored batch.” Some chose to skip the debate altogether, instead going straight to the advice on how to cook your own eggs at home.

global gourmet hot sauce collection

Variety is the spice of life — but apparently not when it comes to the Global Gourmet Hot Sauce Collection sold at Costco. The pack contains 12 different hot sauces to try – from New Orleans Bourbon Hot Sauce to Africa Cayenne Hot Sauce. But according to a recent Reddit thread, all 12 lack both the flavor and heat department.

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“No one who loves hot sauce would buy this or enjoy it as a gift. Avoid it,” read one comment, which received over 200 upvotes. Others agreed that the sauces were low quality due to their vinegar base and tasted watered down.

my/mo mochi ice cream pack

Much like Kirkland-brand hard-boiled eggs, Costco’s boxes of My Mochi Ice Cream sparked a heated debate on Reddit, garnering over 200 comments. On one side of the argument were those who found the mochi variety — which includes strawberry, vanilla bean, and mango flavors — delightful. But others were not so delighted.

Critics didn’t like the taste or texture of the mochi, and the word “terrible” was thrown around the thread quite a bit. One commenter even compared the frozen dessert’s taste to burnt dirt. Ouch!

Costco chicken bakes

Is the famous chicken casserole slowly skimping on quality and quantity? Complaints have recently surfaced that the food court item has lost some of its appeal since the pandemic. A few of the product’s former fans described the current version as bland, with less chicken and much smaller overall for a higher price.

“It’s basically just an expensive baguette with a thin tube of salted cheese inside, the last pair I had didn’t have any chicken at all,” wrote one user.

This isn’t the first time Costco shoppers have spoken out about the declining quality of the food court — other valued products like the Costco pizza and hot dog have also been called into question.

Jones Dairy Farm Cherrywood Smoked Uncured Canadian Bacon

Complaints about the All Natural Uncured Canadian Bacon were so widespread that its maker, Jones Dairy Farm, sent out letters of apology to all Costco members who had purchased it. A Reddit user shared their own copy of the letter online.

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“We have identified a quality issue that could result in the product appearing slimy,” the statement said. “This is not a food safety issue and there is no health risk from consuming the product. However, this quality issue does not meet our standards here at Jones Dairy Farm as well as those of Costco.”

Commentators confirmed that a slimy film was found on many recent batches of the meat. According to the letter, anyone who purchased the tainted item is eligible for a Costco gift card as compensation.

Sushi Party Tray

Costco’s freshly made sushi has been a controversial topic from the start. While some members crave it and hope it finds its way to their local stash, others are less than satisfied with its overall flavor.

But the sushi problems don’t end there. Okami Sushi Party Trays, also found at Costco, were met with similar heat from club members. A Reddit post recently revealed that the trays — which come in 25 packs each — are on sale for just $3.97. In the nearly 200 comments, many shoppers were suspicious of “free sale” or “discount” sushi, while others who tried it disturbed the overall taste.

“It’s like chewing soft plastic dipped in soy sauce,” recalled one Redditor. Another said: “I love that Costco mainly sells really good quality items. But that stuff is garbage.”

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