Corona Canada creates Plastic Collecting Billboard as part of ongoing commitment to help remove waste from shorelines and waterways

The Plastic Collecting Billboard will act as a symbol to raise awareness of pollution from rivers that ultimately flow into the ocean

Day one of the launch of the Corona Plastic Collecting Billboard in Boucherville, QC.  Follow @CoronaCanada for regular updates on the amount of waste collected by the billboard.  (CNW Group/Corona Canada)

Day one of the launch of the Corona Plastic Collecting Billboard in Boucherville, QC. Follow @CoronaCanada for regular updates on the amount of waste collected by the billboard. (CNW Group/Corona Canada)

TORONTO, September 27, 2022 /CNW/ – Corona Canada is committed to protecting and raising awareness of Canada’s natural environment. Continuing this commitment, the brand has launched a Plastic Collecting Billboard – a floating billboard that collects waste from the Saint Lawrence River Boucherville, Quebecduring the month of September, until October 19, 2022. The St. Lawrence River was chosen as the site due to its role as a connecting waterway from the Great Lake system to the Atlantic, meaning that plastic pollution found in the St. Lawrence River can flow directly into the Atlantic.

Based on a 2021 statistic from Science Advances, 80 percent of ocean plastic comes from over 1,000 rivers worldwide that empty into the ocean1.

“With one-fifth of the world’s freshwater resources located in CanadaThe Plastic Collecting Billboard aims to act as an icon to raise awareness of the pollution that rivers face – which ultimately flows into the ocean – and to reaffirm Corona’s commitment to helping clean litter from our shores and waterways “, he said Mike Bascom, Sr. marketing director, Corona Canada. “As a brand born on the beach, Corona invests in protecting Canada’s natural environment, which is why we continue to launch initiatives – like the Plastic Collecting Billboard – to educate and encourage Canadians to take action to reduce their plastic pollution.”

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Additionally, Corona wants to go beyond raising awareness and offer consumers the opportunity to educate themselves about their personal contribution to single-use plastic pollution. With the expert advice of Ocean Wise, Corona has developed an online tool, the Corona Plastic Challenge, that will help Canadians understand the impact of their own plastic pollution footprint and provide helpful tips for reducing one-time plastic consumption.

The Corona Plastic Challenge tool can roughly calculate the user’s plastic footprint by asking them a series of questions about consumption, the waste disposal process and general daily habits. Based on the user’s answers, the tool can then calculate an approximate number of kilograms of plastic that the user is responsible for per year.

“In addition to collecting waste from the St. Lawrence River in QuebecCorona’s Plastic Collecting Billboard program will provide our Ocean Wise team with some information during the billboard’s operating hours that can be used to quantify how much plastic pollution flows through the St. Lawrence River,” said Jeff Wint, Plastic Reduction Manager, Ocean Wise. “As a result, we can hopefully get a picture of the discarded items, types of plastic and their sources.”

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Corona of Canada Plastic Collecting Billboard is just one of the brand’s global initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to protecting coastlines and waterways. To help ensure that the amount of waste does not end up in the sea at all, Corona has instituted river interception programs Indonesia and Ecuador and is in the process of building the infrastructure for it Guatemala in 2023.

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Around Corona Canada

First brewed in 1925, Corona pioneered the beer industry by being the first to use a transparent bottle to showcase its quality to the world. No corona is complete without the lime. Naturally adding character, flavor and refreshment, the lime ritual is an integral part of an experience that is truly unique to Corona. The brand represents the beach and celebrates time outdoors. It invites people to stop and reconnect with our essential nature. Visit for more information

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Corona Canada is continuously committed to protecting the environment and improving its production practices. Last year, Corona Canada introduced a revolutionary new style of packaging for six-pack beer bottles, becoming the first global beverage brand to use 30 percent excess barley straw and 70 percent recycled paper fiber to create an innovative carton packaging solution. Additionally, in 2021, Labatt Breweries of Canada announced another technology-based packaging advancement with the launch of KeelClip™ – a state-of-the-art packaging system that will use 65 percent less paperboard than our previous paperboard used on Corona six-pack beer cans. in the June 2022, Corona Canada tested Canada’s first specially marked, low-carbon beverage can. As part of this limited release, 1.2 million cans were produced with a QR code to inspire consumers to learn more about the cans’ low carbon footprint.

About OceanWise

Ocean Wise is a global conservation organization with a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Through research, education, direct conservation action and field projects, Ocean Wise empowers communities to take action for ocean health. Ocean Wise focuses on tackling three major ocean challenges: overfishing, marine pollution and climate change. Ocean Wise is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with collaborators and initiatives across Canada. Learn more at

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