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Name: Anvi Lohia

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Ampan Life

Age: 20

Speaking to Anvi Lohia, Founder and CEO of Ampana Life, she is struck by her sheer intent to positively impact society at large. Behind her gentle demeanor lies a steadfast entrepreneur who consistently seeks ways to move humanity towards sustainable practices and an inclusive environment where women receive the healthcare services they need for long, fruitful careers in corporate circles.

As a senior at the University of Chicago, Lohia leads two organizations focused on filling an apparent gap. Her first company, Ampana Life, aims to help individuals and businesses transition to more sustainable practices through better women’s health, mental health, education and social impact. The company currently has six permanent employees and works with 25 consultants to deliver quality to its clients.

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True Entrepreneur

Lohia’s other project, Policy Insights and Innovation Lab, aims to help students become familiar with the tools needed to solve some of the world’s most pressing policy challenges. “I noticed that many of my colleagues were idealistic and passionate about making a big difference. They wanted to do so much, but they didn’t have the resources and knowledge to do it,” says Lohia.

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She co-founded Policy Insights and Innovation Lab to enable young and enterprising students to understand politics, politics, government, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and more. To do this, it offers a four-week curriculum that equips students with the knowledge necessary to bring about change in society and leave a positive footprint.

“I hope that through Policy Insights and Innovation Lab we can nurture the next generation of sustainability and public policy leaders,” says Lohia.

Innovator to the core

Lohia started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14 and has been an innovator for some time. But at 20, Lohia already seems to have a firm head on her shoulders, with eyes on innovation and a strategy permanently based on sustainability.

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As a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum and Lean Six Sigma, Lohia continues to look ahead and believes that sustainability is a good place to start, but she doesn’t mind broadening her horizons and exploring more ideas in the near future.

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