Computers to Go’s Zachary Mularz

Zachary Mularz, 32, owns Computers to Go on South Saginaw Road next to Jimmy John’s in Midland. They moved just four months ago after being at the Midland Mall for 13 years. He also has two other locations in Saginaw at Bay Plaza on Bay Road across from the mall and a third that opened this week in Bay City on Euclid Avenue across from Mr. Hot Dog. He has seven employees. They repair and sell computers, phones and tablets. They also do charitable calling, including installing networks and security cameras. Other services include web design, 3D printing, CAD design, printer build, sale and repair, VoIP phone system installation, data recovery and electronic skateboard build and sale. They also offer Cohab office space for rent at their Midland location.

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Mularz grew up and lives in Auburn. He has a 9 year old daughter, Claire. He is a graduate of Bay City Western High School and attended Delta College and SVSU.

How long have you owned your business? About two years. I bought it from John Levy and Scott Briggs.

What inspired you to start the company? I started out in the medical field, working as a dental practice manager, McLaren Dental Associates. I would set up computer systems in dental offices and train staff. I found I liked the IT work. John wanted to be more involved with Three Bridges Distillery. I knew John from buying components for our dental office. We became friends, worked on some projects together. I had a friend who was a programmer, Michael. Scott eventually hired him. Scott and John were making changes in their lives, so they eventually offered me the business.

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What makes Midland a great place to start a business? From a business point of view, I see it as a city that is growing. Many greater commercial opportunities. It’s a friendly city. It’s a safe city.

How is your company active in the local community? Habitat for Humanity helped provide them with computer equipment. We’re going to have people who need cheap computers and are looking for jobs. We will help you. Disability Network, we take some of their clients for 3 month internships, help them with their training, help them learn some skills. Recently met with Delta College to help design their IT program.

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What are some of your interests and hobbies? Play a little, skateboard and work on my rental houses. Most of the time I work a lot. Spends free time working at my father’s shop, Tri-City Used Cars and Parts in Auburn.

Which local companies you work with do you contribute to the success of your company? We work regularly with JPAR Real Estate, a new real estate agency in Midland.

Final thoughts to share? If someone is unhappy doing something in their industry, take the plunge and do what makes you happy. The by-product of this will hopefully lead to success. We enjoy serving our customers and that ultimately allowed us to do the things we love to do.


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