Coaching business aims to help clients reach professional, personal goals

JJ Egloff founded Sleeping Giant Coaching, LLC back in July and has offered clients coaching programs to help them achieve their professional goals in the hospitality industry.
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Based in Steamboat Springs, JJ Egloff has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and hopes to use that experience and knowledge to help others with his new venture, Sleeping Giant Coaching.

“I do performance coaching for professionals for their careers and personal lives,” Egloff said. “This all started after a 10+ year career in hospitality management and realizing how much help people need in their careers to be happier, healthier, avoid burnout and learn how to live their best life.”

Egloff gained his experience as a manager for Simply Steamboat where he ran maintenance, housekeeping and guest services operations at Trappeurs Crossing Resort and others. He was also the owner liaison for Mountain Resorts, where he served as the first point of contact for homeowners living in six different homeowners’ associations. He also worked for Carmel Valley Ranch in California as a Food and Beverage Manager and as an Assistant Outlets Manager for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

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“I realized that the most rewarding and fulfilling part of my job in hospitality was actually coaching my teams, and one day I thought, ‘I can cut everything but coaching and just focus on that.'”

Egloff said his programs are aimed at mid-level managers and above, or people who want to expand their careers in hospitality and acquire tools to use in their current managerial roles.

“I would describe my client as the kind of person who’s burned out in their career, maybe overwhelmed and overwhelmed — which is so prominent these days,” Egloff said. “It’s the kind of person whose work is likely to affect them from a health and happiness perspective.”

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Egloff said he meets with clients in person or by phone once a week for an hour. Its services are based on the needs of its clients and can help professionals in their careers and in their personal lives.

“It’s basically a mandatory one-hour meeting a week, and then it’s really kind of tailored to that,” Egloff explained. “The follow-up and responsibility I offer, after that, the meeting really gets set based on their goals.”

Egloff recalled helping a client with a large real estate presentation earlier this year.

“This week we made an hour-long call and found that she needs to do practice runs,” Egloff said. “So we set up two more 30-minute calls throughout the week and she was able to practice that presentation, so it’s quite individual.”

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The three-month coaching program costs $3,000, and Egloff focuses on helping clients reach their full potential. Egloff said those interested in his services should go to for more information or to start coaching.

“The value is that every single person in the world could use a coach – everyone out there can strive to be a better version of themselves,” Egloff said. “Most of the time, it’s far better and far easier to have someone by your side, holding you accountable and making sure you keep the promises you make to yourself to be the person you want to be.” I’m really out there trying to empower people to be the best version of themselves.”


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