CGU Founders Name Fly “Bitcoin” To Attract Youths to Crypto Jobs


The CGU founders expressed their support for the Australian Museum by acquiring naming rights to a Papua New Guinea fly to promote careers in the crypto industry.

We want millions of crypto jobs to be noticed and work towards becoming part of the virtual and metaverse workforce.”

— Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, Sept. 26, 2022 / — Sergei, Founder of Crypto Gaming United Sergienko and Mark Carnegie expressed their support for the Australian Museum by acquiring naming rights to a Papua New Guinea bow tie to promote careers in the crypto industry with youth in developing countries.

The long-legged fly from Papua New Guinea is a member of the fly family Dolichopodidae (long-legged flies) and belongs to a group of 13 species, all with beautifully patterned brown wings and long hairs (setae) on their front legs. It is now called Chrysosoma Bitcoin after Sergienko and Carnegie bid for and won the naming rights at the Australian Museum Foundation 2021 gala dinner, “Night at the Museum”. For the first time in the history of AM, the fifth oldest natural history in the world, the donation for the naming rights was paid with Bitcoin.

The move made waves in international and crypto communities around the world immediately after it was published by AM last week. Australia’s voice of the financial industry, Financial Review, published a headline “Bow Tie Means Bitcoin,” which was diligently repeated by crypto media outlets around the world. Museums, basic researchers, and the crypto industry are all interested in the development, as naming rights are a newfound funding and promotional tool for these industries.

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Professor Kristofer Helgen, senior scientist at the Australian Museum, conservatively estimated that there are over eight million species of life on Earth, but only about 25 percent have been named, AM said in a statement.

“We share this planet with millions of species, although we rarely think of them. Still, they are vital to our own existence, as each species is part of the ecosystem that allows us to breathe clean air, drink clean water and receive the food we need,” Helgen said.

The crypto industry is therefore a boon to museums and other organizations that benefit from sponsorship of basic research, as it is a new — and cash-rich — category of sponsor. Besides Bitcoin, there are over 20,000 other types of cryptocurrencies with a combined market cap of $900 billion.

Right now, crypto companies are leading the charge of pouring over $1 billion a year into naming rights typically associated with sports venues and franchises. Crypto trading firm FTX replaced American Airlines as the naming sponsor of the Miami Heat basketball arena, and PayPal ousted Avaya as the sponsor of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer stadium.

The appeal is to get sports fans to become crypto investors and traders and help fill some of the jobs in the industry like risk and cryptocurrency analyst, blockchain engineer and so on. Once the naming rights are secured, brands like Staples and Toyota will get about $1 billion worth of social media presence a year, which translates into sales, market cap growth, bigger paychecks, and so on.

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As CGU fuels the industry with a new breed of crypto jobs specifically targeting workers in developing countries, Sergienko and Carnegie have taken a less-travelled path to raise awareness of their core business. CGU helps people play games for a living wage and branches out into training online users to master other jobs like virtual assistants and social media moderators.

“As we help museums, scientists and researchers by funding their work, we aim to make crypto a desirable and respectable industry in countries that are normally left out of the boom in naming rights marketing – Philippines, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Zambia , Myanmar, South Africa, Morocco, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Fiji and Papua New Guinea,” said Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU. “We are seeing hundreds of thousands expressing interest in crypto jobs at LaborX and CGU. We want millions of people to know about these employment opportunities and work toward joining the virtual and metaverse workforce.”

CGU,, the world’s leading play-to-earn blockchain gaming league, is a leader in the Metaverse play-to-earn market, which is a fast-growing $2 trillion segment heavy international online gaming market. Thousands of CGU league members are currently making a living by earning NFT assets in various games and cashing them out through the CGU platform. They also have multiple ways to monetize earned NFT assets and tokens, including options to sell them, trade them, cash them out for fiat, pool them, or invest them.

CGU members are primarily based in developing countries, where play-to-earn offers an empowering alternative to social ills such as unemployment and lack of opportunity. CGU aims to employ 1,000,000 people through its play-to-earn platform by 2024, with core markets being the Philippines, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Myanmar, South Africa, Morocco, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

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