Cannabis Farmers Markets In CA, Legalization In MN, USDA’s Hemp Report, TX’s Outdated Program And More

At the annual meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Nevada County, California, Brian Fossplanning director, said the province is looking into changes to cannabis regulations, from zoning to funding, officials are looking for effective policies, local media reported.

But there is more. “We still think there are some other things that need to be seen or there are potential changes (…) At the same time, in talking to the cannabis industry, there is a desire to have a direct-to-consumer type of subsidy model. something like a farmer’s market or a temporary event where a number of vendors can come to a site and sell products during the day or maybe on the weekend,” Foss said.

Cannabis Charges Are Growing in MN

File 100 is a bill sponsored by Rep. Zach Stephenson to legalize adult-use marijuana in the State of Minnesota. Before the bill becomes a law, it needs to pass 14 committees. On Thursday, the bill passed the Finance and Policy Committee on Labor and Industry.

“Minnesotans are ready. It’s time to legalize adult-use cannabis in the State of Minnesota. Our current laws do more harm than good and Minnesotans deserve the dignity and respect to make their own decisions about cannabis,” Stephenson said before the Committee. “This bill moves cannabis from an illegal market to a legally regulated market where we can focus on some of the downstream effects of consuming cannabis in a more realistic way, an effort to give people freedom.”

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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz He recently released a proposed budget for the 2023 session that includes the legalization of recreational cannabis, as first reported by CBS Minnesota.

USDA Hemp Weekly Report (It’s free)

The USDA AMS (Agricultural Marketing Service) announced its first edition of the National Hemp Week Report. The report, which is free and available, “provides unbiased, timely and accurate data to help industry stakeholders make business decisions.” said USDA on social media.

USDA AMS administers programs that create domestic and international marketing opportunities for US producers of food, fiber and specialty crops. The report includes national and regional advertised retail prices of hemp products, along with volume and cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) values ​​for hemp exports to the United States.

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“The National Hemp Report will provide stakeholders with weekly price and volume information to help guide smart business decisions,” Deputy Assistant Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs Jenny Lester Moffitt said in a press release. The National Hemp Report will be published every Wednesday.

“Advertised retail prices for hemp are now available as part of the National Company Report-Property Fields. This new report will be the first-ever moving volumes or CIF values ​​of hemp commodities to be published by USDA Market News. at the time it is the first Market News report devoted solely to this new group,” according to the press release.

TX Timed Cannabis Program

Although Texas has a Compassionate Use Program (CUP) for cannabis, local media and activists argue that it remains one of the most restrictive in the United States.

“We need a program comparable to what other states have adopted,” he said Jax James, executive director for Texas NORML. “If our state will move forward with baby steps, we will continue to reach patients.”

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Other lawyers agreed. “We seek safe and legal access within the state of Texas,” it added Lisa Sewell, director of operations for Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy. “We are not looking for the black market.”

Cannabis Education In Nevada

The Department of Workforce and Economic Development at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) offers certificate programs related to the cannabis industry. CSN has partnered with Green Flower, a national leader in cannabis education, to offer three cannabis certificate programs.

CSN will offer certificate programs for advanced pharmacy associates, advanced manufacturing agents and advanced agricultural technicians.

“Our cooperation will take us to the point where we can prepare local talent for (…) economic mobility,” he said Stavan CorbettCSN’s Director of Business Development said in a press release published by FOX5Vegas.

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