Candace Junée’s Go-Getter Conference Helps Christian Woman Entrepreneurs Thrive

Founder of Epic Fab Girl Candace Junee held the Go-Getter conference in Chicago last weekend. The makers came, saw and learned valuable tools on how to increase their company’s brilliance.

The Go-Getter conference grew out of Junée’s desire to motivate more women to fearlessly pursue their goals. Over the years it has evolved into a faith-based platform for Christian women entrepreneurs to build, grow and monetize their businesses.

“People wanted to write books, start companies and become bloggers,” Junée previously said Chicago Southsider.

“I brought the two worlds of business and faith together to help women achieve their goals.”

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2022 Go-Getter Conference

This year’s conference took place on Friday 16th September and Saturday 17th September. The event featured “a mix of panel discussions, influencer fireside chats, and praise and worship” to empower women through faith-building, according to the latest report by the Chicago Southsider

(Image: Candace Junée/Rhineheart Media Group)

“It’s bigger than us. It’s bigger than this moment. It’s about generations,” said Junée on Friday.

Attendees learned from a star-studded roster of speakers, including YouTube influencers Erin on request and Colony Reeves from sell tampa

“According to HBR, while Black women start businesses faster than any other demographic, only 3% of us have mature businesses,” Junée said in a statement. “We know running a successful business is difficult, so this year we bring a unique approach to women’s empowerment – ​​through business, faith and community.”

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The two-day event covered finance, friendship, work-life balance, romance, faith and entrepreneurship. Here are two powerful gems shared by conference audiences.

Bet on yourself

Candace Junée and Colony Reeves (Image: Rhineheart Media Group)

“You can never lose by betting on yourself. You put all your energy into that one thing you want. And you get disciplined, wake up every day and choose that life, pray about it, write it down and manifest it,” Reeves said.

Experimentation is important

Candace Junée and Erin On Demand (Image: Rhineheart Media Group)

“Experimentation is such an important phase that we want to skip. YouTubers crush it because they do what they enjoy. Find what you enjoy and want to make again and again,” said Erin On Demand.

The next Go-Getter conference will be held in Chicago on September 15-16, 2023. Get tickets here.

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