Camilla Was ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Left Bodies in the Street’

Prince Harry didn’t believe his mother Princess Diana was dead for years, believing the disappearance was “part of the plan” and eventually asking her and his brother Prince William to join her.

Harry Anderson told Cooper 60 minutes In an interview on Sunday, he saw pictures of Diana dying in a car in the Pont d’Alma tunnel in Paris. Harry also revealed why his stepmother, the Queen Consort, Camilla was “dangerous” by “leaving bodies on the streets” during her rise to the royal family and her relationship with the British press.

It was Harry’s second major interview before his memoir was published in English on Sunday. Spare. Like his first interview with Britain’s ITV, this one is full of surprising revelations.

In his memoir, Harry wrote of his stepmother Camilla campaigning for acceptance in the British press after Diana’s death: “I wanted Camilla to be happy. Maybe if he was happy it would be less scary.’

“He was a bad person. He was the third person in their marriage. She had to rebuild her image,” Harry told Cooper about Camilla’s situation after Diana’s death.

The family is based on a hierarchy and with it on the way to become a queen consort, it leaves people or bodies on the street because of it.

Prince Harry

Asked by Cooper how dangerous Camilla was, Harry replied: “Because of her need to restore her image,” which made her dangerous “because of the connections she made in the British press.” And both sides had an open willingness to share information. A family built on a hierarchy, and with it, people or bodies on the street on their way to becoming a queen consort…

“If you are a member of the family, being on the front page, having positive headlines, positive stories written about you will improve your reputation or increase your chances of being accepted as a monarch. British public, so what do you do.

Both Harry and William asked Charles not to marry Camilla, Harry told Cooper. “We didn’t think it was necessary. We thought it would do more harm than good, and if she was with her man now, that was enough. Why go so far if you don’t have to? We wanted him to be happy. And we saw how happy he was with her. So it was “okay” at the time.

Harry said of his mother Diana: “For a long time I couldn’t accept that she was gone.” “Um, part of it, you know, he’d never do this to us, but part of it, maybe it’s all part of the plan.”

Harry thought ‘he’ll invite us and we’ll go and join him’.

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How long did you believe it, Cooper asked.

“Years. Many, many years. William and I talked about it. He had the same thoughts.’

Harry said there is “a lot of hope” Diana is alive.

Finally, he was shown photos of her dead body — “proving she was in the car. Evidence of his injury. And the fact that the paparazzi, who chased him into the tunnel, were taking pictures of him – the pictures of him lying half-lifeless in the back seat of the car proves that.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was living my life on adrenaline, it was like that from the time I was 12 when I was told my mother had died.

Prince Harry

“All I saw was my mother’s head on the back seat. There were other gruesome pictures, but I (his private secretary) will be eternally grateful that he refused the opportunity to torture myself by seeing this one. Because it’s something that will stay in your mind forever.”

She and William considered reopening the inquest into her death. “Because there were so many gaps and so many holes in it. It just didn’t add up and didn’t make sense.”

Harry still doesn’t think he knows the whole truth. “I don’t think my brother is either. I don’t think the world is like that. Um, do you need more than I already know? Do not have. I don’t think much will change.’

Being a soldier “seemed to turn the pain into a goal. I didn’t know at the time that I was living my life on adrenaline, it was like that from the time I was 12, when I was told that my mother had died.”

Harry told the British press that he harbored a “huge amount of resentment and blame” for his involvement in the incident with his mother.

On a larger scale 60 minutes Harry also revealed in the interview that he used psychedelics to help him deal with his grief.

“Ayahuasca, psilocybin, mushrooms. “They were really important to you,” Cooper said.

“I would never suggest that people do this for fun,” Harry said. “But doing it with the right people, if you’re dealing with great loss or grief or trauma, these things have a way of working as medicine… For me, they cleaned the windshield, the windshield. The pain of loss… They destroyed this thought that I had—my mother—I had to cry to prove to my mother that I missed her. In fact, he just wanted me to be happy.”

Harry also revealed that he was not invited to the plane taking other royals to Scotland on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral.

“I asked my brother, and I said, ‘What are your plans?’ How are you and Kate doing up there? And then a few hours later, you know, family members who live in the Windsor and Ascot area were jumping on a plane together,” Harry said. “A 12, 14, maybe 16 seater plane.”

– They didn’t invite you on that plane? Cooper asked Harry.

“I wasn’t invited,” Harry replied.

Harry told Cooper that he had arrived at Balmoral and was met by Princess Anne. She wondered if it was a “good idea” to see her grandmother dead. “And I said, ‘You know what? You can do it. You should… say goodbye. Um, so I went upstairs, took off my jacket and spent some time with her… She was in her bedroom. I was actually really happy for him. Because he finished life. She ended her life, her husband was waiting for her. And they were buried together.”

Despite the physical altercation, he recounts the details Spare, she claims the arguments and briefings were made against her and that all her stories cast her older brother in a bad light, telling Harry Cooper that she “loves deeply” William. Especially in the last six years, there was a lot of pain between us. Um- Nothing I wrote, nothing I contributed was intended to hurt my family. But it perfectly reflects how we grew up, and it destroys the idea that my wife somehow ruined the relationship between these two brothers… We had a very similar traumatic event, and then we dealt with it in two different ways.”

Harry told Cooper that he had not spoken or written to William. “But I’m looking forward – I’m looking forward to the fact that we can find peace.” She also hasn’t spoken to King Charles “for a while”.

Harry spoke about the media’s initial reaction to Meghan Markle. “The fact that she was American, an actress, a divorcee, black, biracial with a black mother. These four were typical stereotypes, and it became a feeding frenzy in the British press.”

I’m so glad I changed. Because instead of getting drunk, falling out of clubs, and taking drugs, I found the love of my life and now I have the opportunity to start a family with him.

Prince Harry

This is reflected in the royal family, he added. “My family reads the tabloids, you know? At breakfast, when everyone gets together. So, whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter – it still leaves an impression on you. So if you have a decision based on a stereotype from the start, it’s very, very difficult to get out of it. A big part of it was for the family, and for the British press and a lot of other people, “He’s changed. He must be a magician. He’s changed.” Well, on the contrary, I’ve changed, and I’m very glad that I’ve changed. Because I used to get drunk and leave the clubs. “Instead of falling and taking drugs, I found the love of my life and now I have the opportunity to start a family with him.”

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“The thing that scares me the most is history repeating itself,” Harry told Cooper. “When I was 12 years old, I was very afraid that my mother’s loss could easily happen again with my wife.”

“Silence would be treason at this point,” Harry said of the palace’s lack of comment when it came to Jeremy Clarkson. Sun An imaginary column defecating Megan. Harry charged that “the tabloid media could radicalize their readers and then harm my family, my wife and my children.”

Harry told Cooper that he could not see himself returning as a full-time member of the royal family.

“No. I can’t see that happening,” Harry told Cooper.

“The ball is very much in their (the royal family’s) backyard, but Meghan and I have kept saying that we are very sorry for any wrongdoing, but every time we ask that question, no one gives us any specifics or clarifications. Nothing. There needs to be a constructive conversation, which may not be revealed and kept private.’

Family is at its core, no doubt. I’m really looking forward to that family element coming back.

Prince Harry

Cooper replied, “Well, how do we trust you, how do we know you’re not going to divulge any conversations we had in an interview somewhere?”

Harry replied, “It all started with their daily briefings against my wife, and my wife and I had to flee our country.”

Cooper compared the situation “Game of Thrones no dragons,” said Harry, not watching the show, “but there are dragons. And that’s a third party, and that’s the British press, and ultimately, without it being part of the British press, we’d still be a pretty dysfunctional family. But at the heart of it is family, no doubt. I’m really looking forward to that family element coming back. I look forward to bonding with my brother. I look forward to bonding with my father and the rest of my family.”


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