Business Reporter: Finding the ideal IoT management platform

Businesses should look for network resiliency and integration capabilities when looking for a partner for their IoT implementations

LONDON, UK, Oct. 17, 2022 / — In an article published on Business Reporter, Olivier Hersent, CEO of Actility SA, discusses how emerging IoT networking technology is enabling IoT solutions to scale to millions of sensors can. Before the advent of automated IoT management solutions, wireless sensors had to be manually restarted and updated, which is becoming unsustainable with the proliferation of IoT devices. However, cutting-edge platforms like Actility’s ThinkPark support a variety of use cases for both low-power (LPWan) and cellular networks. The most popular applications range from automated meter reading projects to geolocation – where companies use IoT technology to either track their assets indoors and outdoors or to provide visibility of their products throughout the supply chain. Actility acts as an integrator between providers of LoRaWAN networks – the world-renowned Wi-Fi network for IoT – and major cloud-hosted IoT services such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

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Although some use cases where near-real-time or real-time data transfers are crucial require 4G LTE or even 5G cellular networks, most rates need to send small amounts of data at specific intervals and are therefore well suited. Suitable for long-range, low-energy LPWAN networks. Enterprises starting IoT projects should look for IoT management platforms that offer high network resiliency and can demonstrate their excellence in handling device failures, change management and disaster recovery, and are also able to serve private and public as well as in the Cloud hosted and seamlessly integrate with Edge applications.

To learn more about staying on track with your IoT projects, watch the video.

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About Actility

Actility has a strong background in delivering large-scale projects and a long history of carrier-grade systems with leading customer implementations worldwide, making the company a global leader in delivering IoT connectivity solutions. With almost every major national LPWAN network in the world using its ThingPark platform, Actility manages over 30,000 antennas deployed in more than 50 countries. Whether for global or national networks or enterprise solutions, Actility transforms activities, industries and processes by ensuring efficient and secure data transmission, sensor management, operational support system, data flow management and monetization.

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