Bowen author releases new book of poetry

Bowen author Jude Neale recently finished writing her new book of poetry. The mistake. Currently in Greece, the undercurrent spoke to Neale to ask him some questions about how the project came about.

This is your 11th book and you just had your 10th last year? How do you keep up the pace?

I guess the short answer is I’m driven! I take two months a year to formulate my own writing suggestions and come up with 70 or more poems. I’m also involved in many collaborations, which keeps me disciplined and productive. So last year I published two books. The Flaw contains 100 poems this year. Everything about the human condition inspires me.

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What is the subject and themes of your new book, The mistake?

As usual, it’s an intimate exploration of myself and relationships. In this book I also talk about many controversial topics. I’m highly motivated to write about what’s going on in the world – from genocide to war, death and love.

where did you write the book (e.g. at your home, in nature, etc.)

I write on my iphone! Usually from midnight to 4am. It is the absolute sleeping world that I like!

and… what does a typical writing day look like for you in this context? Or is it a little bit different every day!

I don’t write every day. A word or phrase pops into my head and I’m gone. When I first started publishing, I would spend six to ten hours on a poem. Now I edit on the fly and each poem takes about an hour. I write best under pressure like so many other artists.

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Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

This book is heavily inspired by nature, family and the state of the world, both nationally and internationally. I try to move people by being authentic and approachable.

Do you have a favorite poem by The mistake?

Yes I do. carry light:

Carrying light in the darkness I met

a match a lonely spark

lit everything I couldn’t see

I had forgotten the miracle

written across the obsidian sky

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or the sound of your breath

lull my worries to sleep

through this december night

I pulled you to my chest

like a bunch of snowdrops

bright white and small

against the infinite band

made of velvet tightly stretched over it

we keep our love

on the glittering blade

a knife

What do you hope for from the readers after the completion of your book?

That love matters the most. That difficult things need to be discussed in a way that gives us hope, beauty and grace. I hope to transform the reader for a while, uplifting and moving through rich and evocative language.

The Flaw can be purchased online at