Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Holders: Will Crypto Be Confiscated Like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Predicts? – Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

This article was originally published on March 13, 2022.

Benzinga conducts a survey each week to collect opinions on what traders excite, care about or think about most when managing and building their personal portfolios.

This week we asked over 1,000 Benzinga readers the following cryptocurrency investing question: Do you agree with the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”? Robert Kiyosaki that the US will confiscate your crypto?

On Tuesday, Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” predicted this president Joe Bidens Executive order regulating cryptocurrency will mark doom for the asset class.

Our Benzinga team covered the full story surrounding Kiyosaki’s crypto mindset here. Kiyosaki sent out two tweets, some of which could be seen as crude, before the true details of Biden’s crypto executive order came under the spotlight on Wednesday.

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Here are the full results of this week’s poll:

  • Yes, the US will confiscate cryptocurrencies: 32.2%
  • No, the US will not confiscate cryptocurrencies: 67.8%

Most readers think Kiyosaki’s comments about the US confiscating popular cryptos are pleasing Bitcoin BTC/USD, ether ETH/USD and Dogecoins DOGE/USD are off base. The reality is that Biden isn’t getting tough on crypto regulation, at least not yet. According to a statement released by the White House on Wednesday, Biden’s executive order on crypto will “establish the first-ever comprehensive federal digital asset strategy for the United States.”

“The EO will help position the US to continue to lead the innovation and governance of the digital asset ecosystem, both domestically and internationally, in a way that protects consumers, with our democratic values aligns and promotes US global competitiveness,” the statement added.

The White House continued, “This EO is the culmination of months of work with stakeholders from government, industry, advocacy, academia, and international allies and partners – to identify actions we can take to foster responsible innovation in the digital asset ecosystem.” Its implementation will leverage the knowledge and distinctive expertise of a wide range of stakeholders in the White House and across executive departments and agencies, as well as regulators.”

“We remain committed to working with allies, partners and the broader digital asset community to shape the future of digital asset systems in a way that is secure, inclusive and consistent with our democratic values. As this ecosystem evolves, so will our approach,” the White House said.

This survey was conducted by Benzinga in March 2022 and included responses from a diverse population of adults aged 18 and older.

Participation in the survey was entirely voluntary and no incentives were offered to potential respondents. The study reflects results from over 1,000 adults.

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