Best to hold polls if PM can’t manage economy, says Muhyiddin

Bersatu President Muhyiddin Yassin says Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob does not see the country’s problems as urgent.

PETALING JAYA: If the prime minister cannot manage the economy and the country well, general elections should be held so that the people can elect an able government, says Bersatu President Muhyiddin Yassin.

The former prime minister noted that falling ringgit, rising inflation and the current economic climate have hit ordinary Malaysians hard, while the B40 income bracket has effectively morphed into the B60.

As chairman of the National Recovery Council (MPN), he said he made several recommendations to strengthen economic recovery, including another round of the lending moratorium for small and medium-sized businesses and simplifying the loan application process for businesses.

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Muhyiddin said many companies have been forced to downsize or shut down operations due to labor shortages. He said this is an issue that is raised at every MPN meeting, although there is still no comprehensive solution.

“The ringgit case is not being taken seriously either. The Prime Minister (Ismail Sabri Yaakob) has not come forward to explain the measures being taken to stem this fall. In fact, he said it wasn’t a big problem.

“Apparently Malaysia is not in a crisis, (it is) as if everything is fine. But I know that all is not well out there. It seems that the prime minister does not see these issues as urgent,” the chairman of Perikatan Nasional said in a Facebook post.

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Muhyiddin said he has not yet come to the point of urging Ismail to dissolve parliament, noting that Barisan Nasional has done so repeatedly this year.

“However, I think it is best if the prime minister continues to fail to manage the economy and the country well when general elections are held so that a new government, capable and free from corruption, can be elected by the people.”

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Last week, Ismail said there was still time for the next general election this year. He said everything depends on Umno’s “Top 5”, which refers to the party leader, vice-leader and three vice-presidents, one of whom is Ismail.

Umno’s five leaders meet on September 30 to discuss upcoming polls.

The government’s term ends next July and general elections must be held by September 16, 2023, but some Umno leaders have been pushing for it to be convened this year after convincing BN victories in the recent state elections.

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