Bazaar gets Silly for the holidays

Silly Holiday Market Sunday Silly Market, scheduled for Dec. 9-11 at the Bomadran Hotel, will feature a selection of works by 80 local artists, artisans and entrepreneurs.
Courtesy of Sunday Silly Park Market

Silly Park Holiday Market Returning to a familiar place – DoubleTree Park City Bomadran Hotel This Season

Featuring 80 artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs, this market will continue from Friday December 9th to Sunday December 11th. Friday hours are from 17:00 to 21:00 and Saturday and Sunday hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 am. afternoon

The market is free to enter, and there is plenty of free parking at the hotel, which served as the market’s home in 2013, said Kate McChesney, executive director of the park’s Sunday Silly Market.

“This particular place helped us at some point, and the new general manager understands what our nonprofit means to us, the community, the artisans and crafters,” he said. “So for them to prove that to us this year was amazing.”

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The market is a not-so-intimidating opportunity for them to try things out and find out if they’re ready to go down that road…” Michelle MacDonald, Operations Manager, Seeley Park Sunday Market

Michelle MacDonald, director of operations for Sunday Silly Park Market, said she would be taking over Yarrow Market.

“We’re in every room — the ballroom, all the meeting rooms upstairs and the common areas in between,” he said. “I don’t know how we find more space, but we do it every year.”

McDonald said having so many businesses and artists interested in the park’s silly holiday market is a credit to the nonprofit’s work in the community.

“We’re surrounded by a lot of creative people and small businesses,” he said. “Our job is to help them grow and people help them by coming to shop at the market.”

Little Saint Nick will be at Park City’s Silly Sunday Market Sunday December 9-11 at the Yarrow Hotel. Parents can take their free photos with the jolly old elf.
Courtesy of Sunday Silly Park Market

McChesney said he’s not surprised by so much talent, especially the talent found in the Wasatch Back.

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“The word I guess I’d say is amazed because I’m amazed at how creative people are,” he said. It doesn’t matter if they are 8 years old or in retirement. They all thrive in entrepreneurship, side endeavors, crafts and artistry. “Our true purpose as a non-profit organization is to grow businesses, nurture and bring entrepreneurs and musicians to be seen and heard.”

MacDonald said the market is an ideal place for these people to test their products and business plans.

“There are people who love to do things, but are a little afraid to see where their ideas will go,” he said. “So the market is a less scary opportunity for them to take things forward and find out if they’re ready to go down that road.”

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While McChesney enjoys working with all vendors, he is particularly impressed with young people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s fun to watch their parents realize their kids’ entire ski season was spent with their kids’ newfound concepts, ideas and work ethic, he said.

While the park’s Silly Holiday Market provides a space for these artists and crafters, it also introduces the community to the venue and what it has to offer, McDonald said.

“We’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to bring people to places they might not visit regularly,” he said. I mean, when people go to Yarrow, they find the bar Where skiers can go and wait for the traffic to clear. Or they will see the restaurant (Park 1800).) which has some killer food at reasonable prices.

In addition to vendors, McDonald’s said Santa will be at the market all three days.

“Parents can take free photos of their children with Santa,” he said.

Although Silly Park’s holiday market is set to open Dec. 9 in Park City, Silly Park’s other market is now open Dec. 3 and 4 at the Shops at Southtown, 10450 S State St., in Sandy.

Hours are noon to 8 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 6 p.m. Sundays, and admission is free, MacDonald said.

“We have between 65 and 70 vendors, which is about 10 more than last year,” he said.


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