AW609’s business aviation debut and Agusta brand NA premiere to leave their mark at NBAA 2022 | Leonardo

That NBAA Business and Aviation Conference and Exposition is back in Florida for the first time in four years and will take place from October 18th to 20th in the Orlando County Convention Center. Leonardo will join the business aviation community to explore the future of the industry. In addition to providing an update on the next steps for VIP/corporate transportation, the NBAA will mark the launch of their new VIP Agusta brand to the North American market. It will also AW609 in a VIP configurationmarking the first appearance at a business aviation conference, along with the static display of one AW109 GrandNewis scheduled to tour the US for demos this fall.

With a worldwide fleet of more than 900 helicopters Conducting a range of passenger missions including private transport, corporate transport, charter, scheduled service and VIP/government transport, and 40% share In the global market for multi-engine VIP helicopters, Leonardo is the world leader in this sector. Ditto for the United States with strong 2022 sales so far and growing potential. The world class AW139 Intermediate Twin is proving extremely attractive in the US, with a growing number of private transportation companies embracing its latest technology and safety standards, comfort and overall performance in terms of speed, range and endurance.

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AW609 to revolutionize private point-to-point travel

The new Agusta brand, previously launched at both EBACE and LABACE, updates the distinctive look that has made it a coveted brand by adding more solutions and services, accompanied by technological advances. The first unveiling of this combination of heritage and innovation was presented in late 2021 in Dubai with the brand new rotorcraft terminal called Casa Agusta in partnership with Falcon Aviation. On the same occasion, the innovative Tilt rotor AW609 also exhibited, as will be the case again in Orlando. The AW609 is changing the world of rotorcraft and making it easier to travel between cities. The AW609 VIP configuration is the flagship of the Agusta brand with bespoke accommodation in a variety of interior options. It offers customers the flexibility to choose between 5 to 7 seat interiors with optional galley and toilet. Combined with point-to-point capability that avoids traffic, transfers and runways while you travel in luxury, the AW609 is poised to transform VIP travel.

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Agusta’s brand new services

At NBAA, Leonardo will unveil plans for new options and services dedicated to VIP/corporate helicopter operators under Agusta. This includes the inner moods Layouts, a new integrated maintenance plan and a dedicated Agusta area in the Leonardo customer portal. Originally developed for the AW139, AW169 and AW189, Interior Moods consist of three brand new options, all inspired by famous cities. These layouts feature stylish and specific colors, materials, seating configurations and board options. They are designed to allow customers to choose and create their ideal and perfect environment that reflects their own distinctive desires while meeting their needs. From the warmth, harmony and purity of ‘Florence’ to the juxtaposition of opposites such as tradition and innovation of ‘London’ to the energy and passion of cosmopolitan ‘New York’.

The new Augusta for YOU Specifically designed to meet the needs of rotorcraft companies, the helicopter service plan is designed to increase aircraft availability and reduce inventory costs while optimizing costs by covering both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of airframe/avionics components and other items . Aircraft initially included in this plan are the AW109GrandNew, AW169 and AW139, with a plan to expand them to other platforms in the future. In addition, VIP operators have a section on Leonardo Helicopter’s customer portal where they can view the progress and status of their aircraft manufacturing and testing with images and in real time. Overall, these advances aim to provide clear answers to meet exclusivity requirements and make owning and operating an Agusta helicopter a true 360-degree experience from day one.

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Leonardo VIP Helicopters also feature a range of technologies that support safety, comfort, navigation and mission effectiveness, support and training. To demonstrate this, Leonardo Helicopters is exhibiting an AW109 GrandNew on a static display at NBAA in addition to the AW609. The AW109 GrandNew responds to market demand for a helicopter that combines performance, speed, payload and operational flexibility with a reduced environmental impact. Capable of operating in the harshest weather conditions, it is a top-of-the-line light dual-role helicopter that offers the highest levels of safety through advanced navigation and situational awareness technology.


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