Astrology And Entrepreneurship-Acharya Praveen Chauhan

Sometimes we look at successful people and ask ourselves, “What did they do? How did you do everything right to go from failure to success?’ We ask ourselves: “Was it luck, fate or that? karmas of the past life that made her successful today?’ Of course, we always wish we could be as successful as they are. Sometimes it seems like such people were born to be successful, but could that be true of everyone? For example, think of today’s giant Indian startup companies. Don’t they make us think about the reasons for the revolutionary success of these entrepreneurs?

India has become the third largest startup ecosystem in the world with 107 unicorns and over 77,000 startups. The Indian startup growth story is at a turning point today. The stars really seem to be aligned with the booming startup ecosystem in India, and so are the signs of astrological solutions for entrepreneurs who seem to be writing their success stories day by day.

Snapdeal, Byjus, Paytm, Oyo, Ola, Swiggy, Lenskart, Upgrad, Cred, BharatPe, Blinkit, and all the other names in this ever-growing, exhaustive list have investors’ confidence in these entrepreneurs and now their proven potential to create unicorns , justified. Home to the vibrant startup ecosystem right next to global giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook, the Silicon Valley of India is ample testament to the growth and success of these companies.

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The negative side of this glorious revolution is that most people are swept along by the wave and enthusiastically invest their life resources in ventures but are unable to take the risk of failure. This can certainly be prevented by using astrological guidance and precautions. Every year, thousands aspire to become entrepreneurs, but only a few succeed in becoming one. But these individuals have constantly struggled to find opportunities that can be achieved through astrological remedies.

Believe it or not, even startup industry tycoons and unicorns are strong believers in astrology and its importance in their decision making. I’m often called upon by my clients, and even those who aren’t, for astrological guidance and counseling before they fund meetings, product launches, and anything else related to their business – big or small – when it it’s about making decisions. Astrological sensitivity and caution have often improved the paths of those who would have fallen by the wayside halfway through their endeavors.

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Astrology can be instrumental in helping startups succeed. The science of astrology lets you know if you have the acumen to pursue a particular business, the type of business that would be potentially profitable for you and that your planetary compositions favor the expansion of. There’s no denying that hard work, innovation, and experimentation build an entrepreneur, but what are the forces that evoke these qualities?

But sometimes, despite all efforts, one tends to fail and this is not due to individual inefficiency, but to unfavorable planetary compositions. Astrology helps you align your cosmos with your professional goals to avoid falls and strive for success. Astrology not only guides you but also saves you from a possible downfall by warning you in advance.

Success in entrepreneurship is evaluated by the ruling planet in a person’s horoscope. However, there is no specific zodiac sign that can be associated with entrepreneurial success. Success in business comes only when there is strong business yoga in the horoscope that bears fruit at the right time. Often the Shubh Yoga is there for a successful business, but it is not nurtured by time. The planetary composition does not support this.

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Some ruling planets can rule for a period of time and then fall into oblivion. It can also be coincidence that a person has many ruling planets that indicate many deals. In natal charts, the 2nd, 7th, and 10th houses are dedicated business houses that are read to gauge business success. The yogas that form in these charts and these houses tell of the level of business success one would have in life.

While hard work and perseverance are inevitable success factors, the planets, their placement in your horoscope houses, and the yogas in your natal chart play a significant role in determining your career and success.

The author is a Delhi based famous astrologer and palmist and can be reached [email protected]

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