Asia’s most influential Web3 business forum brings together industry professionals seeking to expand into international markets

Taipei, October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hosted by web3 business consultancy C-Cubed, CCC-Web3 Future Business Forum 2022, one of of asia Most Influential Web3 Business Forum, Held on October 15-16, 2022, Thirteen blockchain startups participated in the event, during which they discussed broad trends in the Web3 space, hands-on entrepreneurial experiences and new opportunities that present themselves. of Taiwan Venture capital firms in the Web3 era.

The event brought together a number of firms and organizations from the infrastructure (wallet, exchange, information security), application (DeFi, gaming, NFT, e-commerce) and venture capital (VC) communities, including Alpacadabraz, Ember Group, CoolbitX,, JS-Adways Media, Mafia Capital, Metap Inc, Metasens, OKX, Red Building Capital and RE:DREAMER Lab as well as the Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation. During the programme, the participants shared their opinion on the respective fields in which they are involved.

Most Popular Investment Targets of VC Firms: Infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, Gaming

Mafia Capital Managing Partner Jeff Veno and Red Building Capital Founding Partners Denny Yang Both said that Web3 infrastructure, especially public chain, cross-chain and wallet, as well as decentralized finance (DeFi) are the most popular investment targets. Other lucrative non-infrastructure investment projects include Web3 applications, with NFTs and GameFi being prime examples.

NFT becomes best marketing channel amidst growing influential economy

C-Cubed CMO Jean Yen indicated, “Influencers/Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have become the most important marketing channels for the Web3 ecosystem, followed by communities and creators, and finally traditional media.”

With the growing desire of community members to expand and deepen their involvement in co-branding, C-Cubed CEO William Tsai Outlined six key benefits of NFT-based marketing – instant promotions, high customer response, significant expansion of the fan economy, new customer acquisition, borderless marketing with low costs, and building brands targeting younger consumers, all who come. Simultaneously to greatly shorten the traditional marketing cycle.

Despite the bear market, Web3 looks promising in the long term

Speakers also shared news live from TOKEN2049, of asia Chieftain crypto conference held in Singaporewith the current status of cryptocurrency market and latest development in international and domestic cryptocurrency region. “The venue was packed with visitors every day, and it didn’t feel like a bear market,” said Neil Lee, CDO of blockchain gaming platform Metasense.

Impressively, global institutional investors continue to invest in cryptocurrency industry. “Large VC firms worth several billion US dollars were on the lookout for investors,” said the CoolbitX CEO. michael ow, The global Web3 community is growing.

TOKEN2049 Hosting Displays Singapore Government’s ongoing efforts to support cryptocurrency sector by instituting industry regulations and providing strong support to Web3 startups. Founding Partner of Red Building Capital Denny Yang offered that of singapore The commitment to provide high-efficiency business matching services is in line with the fast-paced Web3 ecosystem, making the country a major center for ecosystem building.

Web3 is the key to enabling industrial transformation in the next five to ten years

“The Web3 landscape is on the verge of a reshuffle,” said crypto Regional Director of Asset Platform Amber Group john lee, “The ecosystem is bound to take shape and digital assets will only grow. As a result, it is time to explore the ecosystem as many tech giants including Meta and NVIDIA have already built businesses in the metaverse.”

Web3 is expected to provide new opportunities by reshaping the boundaries of business activity and facilitating participation in projects around the world through the application of decentralized wallets such as MetaMask. The participants of the event hope that the local government will take a proactive approach to the management of Blockchain and Web3 so that they do not miss this opportunity to promote the development of the ecosystem.

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