Arrest documents detail man’s crime spree following attempt to rob Lufkin business

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) – Arrest documents shed light on how a Houston man detained in Nacogdoches in connection with a failed robbery at Lufkin was freed and pleaded guilty to his crime until caught late Friday. was able to continue the race.

According to the arrest affidavit, 26-year-old Thaddeus Donnell Richardson Jr. was arrested in Nkogdoches County and in a DPS troop vehicle after he slipped his handcuffs toward his front and then slipped off the seatbelt.

Affidavits from the Texas DPS, the Nacogdoches Police Department and the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office described a series of crimes allegedly committed Friday.

According to an affidavit, at around 11:35, Richardson entered Lufkin at 107 S. Attempted to rob Cash Now at gunpoint on Timberland Drive. A security video shows a man jumping off a shop counter and assaulting a clerk.

A security video shows a man jumping off a shop counter and assaulting a clerk.

A DPS report said soldiers were looking for a gray Dodge Charger that had fled the robbery while heading north; Around 1:40 pm, an NCSO constable searched the vehicle on South Street in Nacogdoches. A DPS soldier responded, and the affidavit states that plates were found in the charger that did not match the vehicle, while the driver did not have a license and was wearing an ankle monitor.

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Richardson was then arrested for driving without a license and taken to the Nacogdoches Police Department to answer questions before being released back into the custody of the DPS soldier. Lufkin police detectives searched the charger with a warrant and reported finding evidence matching the Cash Now security video: clothing and an airsoft pistol that looked like a Beretta handgun.

In the meantime, Richardson was stopped with two pairs of handcuffs behind his back and seat belts in a DPS patrol vehicle taken off, according to the affidavit, but cameras in the car showed him sliding the cuffs to the front. Shown, slid down. Seatbelt, jump on the driver’s seat and try to steal the SUV. The report said a security lock prevented him from stealing the vehicle, but as the soldier approached, Richardson jumped and fled on foot, jumping a high iron fence into the treeline west of Old Tyler Road. Done.

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The NPD affidavit describes officers using Richardson’s ankle monitors to track his escape, while the DPS affidavit states that a perimeter was established around the area.

Nonetheless, Richardson managed to enter a residence on Pearl Street, where he stole the keys to a Toyota 4Runner that had an AR-15 in the DPS states.

The NPD report said officers received a call from a couple shopping at Kroger on North Street who saw their own vehicle enter the lot with Richardson at the wheel.

Paul Hubbard said he told his wife, “Hey, look hun, someone took my 4 runner.” The statement was a joke until he recognized the sticker on the back. Hubbard said he saw Richardson “relaxing, texting on the phone” inside 4Runner, but when he tried to open the door, Richardson hit other cars and attempted to drive them away before driving away.

The Hubbards also said their apartment was entered, with bedrooms rifled through and drawers overturned. Alison Hubbard told how hard it is to feel safe knowing Richardson is there.

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The NPD said officers followed Richardson north toward the garrison in a highway chase that exceeded 100 mph, the DPS said, until the spikes were deployed, causing him to crash onto US 59. . He then fled on foot into a wooded area, launching a multi-agency manhunt.

Richardson stole another vehicle, a black Hyundai, several miles from the crash site in the 1700 block of Lynn Flat Road. In the garrison, according to the NCSO affidavit, that attracted the attention of Shelby County representatives, who pulled him over to a traffic stop. The DPS report said that Shelby County representatives were able to arrest Richardson after pursuing and applying a Taser.

According to the NCSO, he was then taken to the Nakogdoches County Jail, where a case was registered against him at around 11:50 pm. He faces seven serious charges, including unauthorized use of a vehicle, burglary in residence and escaping while under arrest.

Thaddeus Donnell Richardson Jr., 26, of Houston
Thaddeus Donnell Richardson Jr., 26, of Houston(Lufkin City)


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