Apple Asks This Question in Interviews To Throw You Off

For such a desirable company to work for, Apple has a rather unorthodox way of conducting interviews with potential employees, corresponding inc.

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If you’ve ever interviewed at Apple, you know that many of the company’s interviews are conducted in a group format, with one employee introducing themselves will interview multiple candidates at the same time.

During these interviews, Apple uses three strategies to gauge everything about a candidate before moving on to the next round — and none of these strategies have anything to do with how well a candidate answers questions about the job.

Candidates are asked to participate in an icebreaker

While it might seem silly to ask applicants (yet who are competing for the same position) to participate in get-to-know games, but loudly incit shows how candidates behave in a typical office dynamic and interact with people in other departments to collaborate on projects.

For the recruiters Seeing how a potential employee handles conversations that aren’t related to their specific role can be important when selecting a candidate, as it could reveal whether or not an employee is a good cultural fit at a company.

An anonymous user glass door said that when interviewing for Apple, the icebreaker question came “a few minutes before” the scheduled interview. The question? “What is your favorite Apple product?”

Candidates are not individually called to answer questions

In group interviews, the Apple employee asks open-ended questions and lets the pool of respondents decide who answers what and when. It’s an easy way to see what role each candidate plays in a group environment – are they a natural leader? more reserved? Too aggressive?

It’s also a great way to find out how quick candidates can think and craft a unique response that shares their experience in a way that positions them as someone a good fit for Apple.

Candidates can be asked that infamous out-of-the-box question

Though many questions can be standard in an Apple interview, there’s one outlier that’s been doing the rounds, according to one employee: “Is coconut a fruit?”

If you don’t know how you would answer that question, that’s the point.

Asking a question that’s likely to put off candidates shows how well potential employees can respond to a curveball, something that’s likely to happen throughout their tenure at Apple.

It also helps to show critical thinking, logic and a bit of candidate personality.

It is estimated that Apple had around 154,000 employees worldwide at the end of 2021.

Apple was up about 4.26% as of Thursday afternoon.

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