anand mahindra news: Anand Mahindra lauds man’s ingenious hack to help people cross flooded street, hails spirit of entrepreneurship

Inspiration surrounds us everywhere. Sometimes the greatest lessons in leadership, foresight and entrepreneurship can be found in the most unlikely of circumstances. A look at leaders like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Nikola Tesla – they all have one thing in common – a penchant for innovation and seizing opportunities. They have all become synonymous with innovation.

Indian industrialist Anand Mahindra, known for his insightful tweets on a wide range of topics, took to him to share an inspirational video. The video, which Mahindra credited as the source of his Monday motivation, shows a man using a unique method to help commuters cross a flooded street.

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The one-minute clip shows a man using an ingenious method to help people cross a flooded street. His innovative idea and his instinct for timely intervention not only impressed the commuters, but also the business magnate.

The man can be seen using an elevated cart to move people from one side of the street to the other. He is seen boarding commuters and pushing the trolley to allow people to cross the street without getting soaked from the rain or the flooded street. However, the video is not from India, since Mahindra shared it, it is now circulating on social media.

Mahindra, who often shares his thoughts on leadership and entrepreneurship, applauded the man’s action. The 67-year-old went on to say that entrepreneurship and enterprise are ever-present and unstoppable. He added the hashtag Monday Motivation. “Entrepreneurship & Business. It is everywhere. Unstoppable. #MondayMotivation,” Anand Mahindra tweeted.

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Mahindra shared motivational posts with his 9.7 million followers every week. Mahindra’s latest tweet prompted a flood of responses from his netizens. “That seems completely altruistic. I don’t see any commuters paying him for his service,” said one user. “And at the end of the day, not only would he count how much he made, but also how many people he helped…” said another user.

Some of the users also said that the trolley shown in the video is something they used to play with growing up. “Dear sir, in the place I come from, the village children use it as a toy ( ball bearing toy ). As a child I also used it to play and we had a lot of fun in our childhood. We built it ourselves. All we had to do was get the ball bearing from a local mechanic,” said one user.

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